Aykroyd sets the record straight – no GB3

Dan Aykroyd was briefly on CTV today, as eTalk Daily visited him on a photoshoot at his new Ontario vineyard (the photos will accompany a cover feature on Air Canada’s En Route magazine. The segment was short, but to the point. In just over one minute, Aykroyd confirmed that he’s shifting his focus away from acting into business ventures, that GB3 is not going to be made, and that all those reports and quotes about GB3, attributed to Harold Ramis, are false.

[UPDATE] There’s a YouTube version of the clip as well.

Cleanin’ up the Town music video found

Thanks to the magic of YouTube and everybody posting any and all video they have lying around, this video for Cleanin’ up the Town, by The Bus Boys, has surfaced. The video quality is harsh, but it’s still a fun watch.

Big nod to robert knippels for spotting this gem.

Replica Ecto-1 plates

I had a good laugh at the beginning of X-men 3, when Xaviers car rolls up and has an old-style New York plate. Ah, the 80s.

Travis Bell has spent a lot of blood, sweat, and tears producing 100 replica Ecto-1 plates, and he’s offering some of them for sale – got a replica car and need a good plate? Live some place where your front plates don’t have to mirror your back plates? Want one to put on your wall? Well, here’s your chance – I haven’t seen replica Ecto-1 plates since Startifacts was offering them, way back when, so consider this opportunity knocking.

Interview: Rick Moranis

On the first day of February, 2006, I paid the minor price of waking up early on the West coast in order to talk to someone on the East coast, someone whom I’ve been dying to talk to for years.

After taking time off to be with his family, Rick Moranis became a head scratcher – what’s he up to? Always popular, it seemed unlikely Rick wasn’t being sought out for film roles. The occasional article here and there dropped hints that the reason Rick wasn’t all over the silver screen was because Rick wasn’t interested. So, if someone as funny and talented as him isn’t interested in movies much these days, what was he interested in?

Then one day we all found out. Through Artist Share, a unique, online collection of creative types, Rick released The Agoraphobic Cowboy – a collection of solid and very funny tunes with a country, folk, bluegrass, stripped down, acoustic quality. It seemed like the perfect chance to talk to the man about his music as well as his part in cinematic comedy history.
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