Mini-Stay Puft San! Awesome Power!

Originally designed by Hong Kong designers IT Rangers Lab, CiBoys have been incredibly popular in Asia (and amoungst Western collectors) – North American artist Stet One has joined with CiBoys distributor Red Magic Style to create a series based on Stet’s favourite 70s and 80s icons… including a Mr. Stay Puft.

Explaining them is a little hard, but boy, they sure look cool.

credit | DerGrundel

GB producer selling limited Terror Dog prints

Michael C. Gross, producer on both Ghostbusters films, is selling some art. Of particular interest to Ghostbuster fans is his limit edition, signed print of a stylized terror dog. For those not in the know, Gross is an accomplished artist, having been involved in the art world even longer than in film.

It’s a really nice image (first one on the link page), with the terror dog hunched on the rooftop alter, like a gargoyle, and poor Dana trapped within. Anybody can own a set of action figures, but art is something special. It would certainly make a nice gift for the discerning ghosthead in your life.

Can you say, “custom figs”?

As mentioned previously, WizKids Games was looking into the possibility of adding Ghostbusters to their upcoming Horror Clix table-top miniatures game – Alien Versus Predator ultimately won the vote, but why waste a perfectly good idea (not to mention figure sculpts?)

An ad poster for Horror Clix hit stores this week and featured are three “Ghost Finder” figures. While some pants have been painted into blue jeans and some random, science-looking equipment added, they are clearly proto-Ghostbusters. Notice the webgear belt and shoulder straps (for backpacks that don’t appear to exist – it’s hard to tell in the promo photo.)

Personally, I’ll be making a few modifications to my figs (for those interested, the Horror Clix set uses the same style stats as the Hero Clix set, meaning Hellboy and the Ghostbusters can battle undead zombies and Morbius.) The game debuts in July and will hit stores in August.

Big thanks to Ethan at Elfsar Comics for pointing the figs out to me.

Looking to try something new?

James Greene Jr. has one of the most unusual blogs ever. No, really. He basically takes albums and plays them while watching Star Wars. Most times the results are average, but thanks to the human brain’s insistance on matching patterns together, to manufacture meaning where sometimes there isn’t, sometimes the results are awesome.

Case in point is playing the Ghostbuster soundtrack CD (the first one, not the more recent CD with the extra tracks) – pressing play just after the second drum roll of the 20th Century Fox opener, there are apparently 20 solid match-ups of music to events.

I haven’t tried it, but it certainly sounds like fun.

Rock tha firehall

I don’t want to make a habit of filling the front page with YouTube players, but this has to be seen, so I’ll share the link

The sound is a little hot, but up and coming rock monsters – Ludo, Treaty Of Paris and Quiet Drive – wrapped up a gig in January with an incredible cover of the Ghostbusters theme. Enjoy!

credit | GBStantz