Ghostbusters: Spook University

No no, it’s not a school for spies – I’m not sure what it is yet, but it’s a fan film, and it’s coming soon. Normally I don’t hype fan films much. In the past, they appeared very occasionally and they were complete when they did. And then for awhile, a lot of people wanted to do a fan film, but while they dreamed big, they accomplished little (which is primarily why I don’t hype these things until they’re rolling.) But lately the crop has been growing and when there is footage and cast and production photos, I’ll gamble that a film is going to get made.

So, while we wait for The Return of the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters: On Call, check out Ohio’s finest, Ghostbusters: Spook University (currently in production.)

Don’t let me down, youse guys.

You can watch a short on YouTube!

I thought Oscar’s Dad moved to England

Erik Mrock dropped me a line, after spotting the above credit card, in an ad, at a BP gas station – check the cardholder’s name. Cheeky!

Big thanks to Erik and his friend Rachel, who dug up the image from the Chase bank website. And I seem to recall this from before, but I vaguely recall that there wasn’t any picture proof, so I ignored it. So, to anyone else who may have spotted it months back, a big thumbs up to you, and you should dig harder, like Rachel. 😛

So, is this a BP thing, or a Visa thing? Spotted Dana on any other credit card ads? Lemme know.

[update] Big ups to Beezer, who technically got the first report of this in, back in June (!), but didn’t have the image to go with. Cheers.

[update] Paul at Spook Central has scoured and scrubbed and come up with a LOT more examples of Ms. Barrett and her massive credit card debt. Many images after the jump.
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Fourth Titan book hits shelves

Titan’s fourth collection of UK Real Ghostbusters comics, This Ghost is Toast!, hit the shelves a couple of weeks ago. I dropped by my comic local and got my copy. The book, in it’s unique micro-prestige format, contains several comic stories and a random helping of Spengler’s Spirit Guide, including my favorite, “Er, Love.”

Thanks to Randy for reminding me – it’s been sitting in my shoulder bag for a week and I’d totally forgotten about it.

Burn, Baby! Burn! Disco Inferno!

Somewhere in France – you can see close ups here. This in turn inspired me to add a link to all Flickr photos tagged “Ghostbusters.” You’ll notice it on the nav bar, left. Big thanks to Taylor for giving me the idea.