I thought Oscar’s Dad moved to England

Erik Mrock dropped me a line, after spotting the above credit card, in an ad, at a BP gas station – check the cardholder’s name. Cheeky!

Big thanks to Erik and his friend Rachel, who dug up the image from the Chase bank website. And I seem to recall this from before, but I vaguely recall that there wasn’t any picture proof, so I ignored it. So, to anyone else who may have spotted it months back, a big thumbs up to you, and you should dig harder, like Rachel. 😛

So, is this a BP thing, or a Visa thing? Spotted Dana on any other credit card ads? Lemme know.

[update] Big ups to Beezer, who technically got the first report of this in, back in June (!), but didn’t have the image to go with. Cheers.

[update] Paul at Spook Central has scoured and scrubbed and come up with a LOT more examples of Ms. Barrett and her massive credit card debt. Many images after the jump.

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