The bathtub tried to eat Oscar!

And now the bathtub can try to eat you too! Well, no, but a UK company is selling a coloured powder that will absorb a massive amount of water, turning a bathtub into a lot of slime. When playing in slime gets boring, a simple packet of solvent dissolves the goopy mess.

One would think the addition of ice-cubes would make the tub the worlds greatest house-party bottle cooler at Halloween (provided you can cope with slime getting tracked everywhere – PC takes no responsibility for stained carpet. I’m just saying. Oh wait, the website says it won’t stain and the dissolver is table salt.)

The hilariously named Gelli-Baff comes in what I like to call Ghostbusters Green, Almost Ghostbusters 2 Red, Test Run Blue, and Just One More Test Run Orange. You can get all four, for approximately $40US, plus shipping.

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