It must drive Huey Lewis nuts some days…

The Japanese love Ghostbusters, or at least, they love the theme song, as it seems to end up on a lot of their rhythm games – case in point above, where someone posted the video that runs in the background when you dance dance your butt butt off off in the Japan-only PS2 title, Stepping Selection (video game reviewers love the song too.) Another example would be Beatmania IIDX Gold, a Japanese arcade drumming game. At least, I think it’s drumming.

Cereal:Geek pt. 2

I mentioned previously a new magazine called Cereal:Geek. Well, I finally got my copy in the mail a couple of weeks back – I just haven’t had time to mention it.

It’s as keen as I expected it to be – besides additional art by Ken Steacy (he of the Now comics cover fame) they did a walk-through of the opening credits, an article on sometimes RGB contributing studio, Toei, and did head-to-head essays on RGB versus Filmation’s Ghost Busters, complete with Peter fighting Jake. And that’s just the Ghostbusters stuff – they covered a lot of Saturday morning ground, and promise more good stuff to come.

Issue one is currently only available via their website, but the second issue will be solicited through Previews (at which time, they also think they may re-offer the first issue.)

And in the meantime, they’ve been posting notable clips from various cartoons, including RGB, on YouTube.

GB2 Video Press Kit

For years now, I’ve had a copy of the GB2 video press kit – a video tape of material for TV stations to us in promoting the movie. And now, FINALLY, someone has put it on YouTube for everyone to see (no, not me. I’m not that high-tech.)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Thanks to GozerJr for spotting them.

[UPDATE] AJ at GBProps found a fourth part, and it’s still missing a bunch of stuff from the press kit.

Converting a GI Joe to a GB = GB Joe?

GB Joe
Years ago – many many years ago – a fella by the name of Arron Mack arrived on the scene, showing off his custom Ghostbuster 12″ figure. The tiny props and costume he made, not to mention the Ray style head, were amazing. Over time, we lost track of him, but now, exactly seven years and one month since we first posted about his figure, Mack is back. He has posted pictures of his kit and better yet, is looking to see who might be interested in buying additional kits.

And one interested should go let him know and even if you’re not, you should see the pictures he posted.

[update] Score! I found the old article and the links still work. Here are the original photos he posted (including the two posted at And two pictures of Pooh Bear. That’s a bonus, let’s say.