Surf, sand, and Ghostbusters

The Jacksonville Beach in Jacksonville, Florida, will be showing Ghostbusters on Friday, May 25th. Admission is free (it’s a beach!), but you might want to arrive early for a primo parcel of sand. Thanks to Slimer, for the heads up.

24 years. Beauty, eh?

The CBC will be showing Strange Brew on its 24th anniversary, this Sunday. And afterwards there will be a one-hour special, with Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas reprising their infamous roles as Bob and Doug McKenzie. Check local listings, or, like, your favorite torrent site, if you’re not, like, in Canada.

Calling all Jersey busters

GBI is putting the word out for a Ghosthead gathering at some upcoming showings of Ghostbusters at the Succasunna Cinemas (say that five times fast) – that’s in Succasunna, New Jersey, I’m assuming. For more information and discussion about which showings at which the gathering will be occurring, go to this thread at the GBI message boards. Thanks Spengs – let us know how it goes.


We’re hoping to have a franchise/ghosthead gathering on Friday, June 15, 2007. The screening is at 10:00 PM and costs only $5.00 USD. – Spengs