Get Ray on the Transformers DVD

I’m not a fan of online petitions – I don’t think they wield anywhere near the power or impact online fans think they do, but this one is just goofy enough that I’m intrigued. It’s a petition to get Frank “Ray” Welker added to the Transformers DVD as an alternate audio track to Hugh Weaving’s Megatron.

Ghostbustours premieres September 13th at ConFlux

Remember when we previously mentioned that New York group that was putting together multi-media walking tours of the city, starting with Ghostbusters? If you’re shaking your head “no”, then go read here.

For those of you that do remember, well awesome news – they’re going to be premiering the tour at the Brooklyn ConFlux this year. The gang will be hanging around for the entire event, but the tour will be on September 13th. If you have a video ipod or PSP, bring it – if not they will have a few devices on hand for you to sign out. And if you’re really clever, bring headphone splitters, and share with someone.

Hopefully some NY area ghostheads will be able to attend and give us a report.

“Send… more… Ghostbusters…”

Well, it started in a quick downpour and ended in high spirits – with 200 undead shambling three miles around downtown Vancouver, Zombie Walk 2007 is now over.

The Ghostbusters were vastly outnumbered (above, left to right – Brendan, yours truely, and Colin), but it was enough fun that we’re planning on expanding it next year – a large number of pamphlets were handed out to amused bystanders (and one police officer), and we sold $50 in I ♥ Zombies pins which will be going to the Vancouver Children’s Hospital* (it might not sound like a lot, but it was very spur of the moment, plus with 200 zombies and 100 pins, that’s a good percentage sold.)

Anyone wanting to have a look a the pamphlet can see side one and side two online. (full sized versions for those without Flickr accounts here and here.)

* Want a pin? Same deal as last time PC made buttons – send a self-addressed envelope and a buck to cover postage (or two, if you want to add to the Children’s Hospital pot.) to me. Email me for further details.

ZombieWalk07 – who, what, wha?

OK, it looks like there’s going to be a bunch of us – appropriately enough, we will be horribly outnumbered by the undead. Not a concern, as they’re generally harmless and we will have taken our anti-human mortis shots (or Zom-B-Gone, as Dr. Venkman likes to call it.)

Here are the particulars from the Facebook listing;

Time and PlaceDate: Saturday, August 25, 2007
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Vancouver Art Gallery
Street: 750 Hornby Street
City/Town: Vancouver, BC

Some will be humans, some will be zombies – your choice. The GBs may likely proceed the parade, or skip to the end. We’ll be playing it be ear. In any case, dead or not, you’ll all get some PC pins and there will be GBI zombie pamphlets to help hand out. And we’re going to make the pins available for a donation, which will be given the BC Children’s Hospital.

Final details, if any, tomorrow.

Cereal:Geek second issue coming soon

They said it couldn’t be done! Provided they means “no one” and couldn’t means “it could work.”

Cereal: Geek magazine, which featured no end of Real Ghostbusters love, has been enough of a success to warrant a second issue… which also features some Real Ghostbusters love. Just check out the back cover for more Saturday morning goodness. No word yet on North America retailers carrying the magazine, but I’ll keep an ear to the ground.