Extreme Ghostbusters turns 10


Thanks to the steel trap mind of Paul over at Spook Central, I’ve been reminded that Extreme Ghostbusters hit the air ten years ago – this means I moved to Vancouver ten years ago, as I recall the show starting about six months after I settled into my first apartment.

In Canada, we watched the show on YTV, at thanks to some Canadian channels being Toronto-centric, it was on at an ungodly hour (7AM, every weekday morning) – this is awesome if you’re nine years old, not so much when you’re a working adult. But still, VCRs were invented for a reason and I put mine to work.

In the US however, the show hit the air on the Bohbot network, September 1st.

So, happy birthday to the new kids.

And I don’t care what you hip, cyber-yoots say, the abbreviation is EGB, not XGB. 😛