Now Hiring part 2

The now hiring site at (click the Now Hiring poster on the left, once the site loads) has gone live – you basically sign up all over again to get… banners. An underwhelming start, but it makes a certain amount of sense to make the hardcore fans seed-promote to a broader audience, before all the big goodies go live.

How many hardcore fans can there be, you may ask – enough that the site is sloooooow to load. If you’ve visited previously, you may need to clear your browser cache (F5 in most browsers) in order to see the new materials – a messageboard banner, Slimer wallpaper, and an AIM icon.

[UPDATE] – Odd. The messageboard banner on the website is one image, but in practice is another.


Somewhere in Denver, there is the awesomest wall ever (be sure to look backwards in the photoset for about six or so photos – the one above is only part of a massive mural.) I wish the graffiti artists in my town would do something like this.

NGamer magazine has more on Wii-DS Ghostbusters games

Making it the first magazine to nab a solid exclusive look at the Wii version of the game. But until it hits the shelves, we have only this blurb from Gamespot UK to tide us over;

The game will have 10 or so single-player levels, including the streets of New York during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, a library basement, a graveyard, and “Lost Island,” along with four-player co-op and competitive modes, and a series of minigames.

Multiplayer modes include two-versus-two battle mode, where the team that catches the most ghosts wins, or another where you just damage as much furniture as possible. There is also domination mode, where players have to control a series of artefacts. Minigames will include Shuffleboard, Ghost Trap, and Proton Packs.

The news on the levels fits with the concept art we’ve already seen, though it’s important to keep in mind that NGamer is looking at the Wii version of the game, and the minigames/multiplayer modes may not be present in the other nextgen consoles.

Game Asylum appears to have had a look at the NGamer article as well, adding more pieces to the puzzle. As expected, the Wiimote is used to run the neutrona wand of the proton pack, while the nunchuk is used to literally push the traps out to snare ghosts. Nice!

As well, the proton pack can be upgraded, including a goo-gun, explosive blasts, and even a short-circuit setting that generates a temporary shield around the Ghostbuster. Slimer will apparently be a playable character, though most likely in the ghosts versus busters multiplayer games.

NGamer also has an early look at the DS version;

It’s still early days for the DS version, but we do know that it’s viewed from a top-down perspective and will have a management structure – you can pick and choose missions, then use the cash to buy weapon upgrades.

Dear Sierra, are you there? It’s me, Fanboy.

I’m not a big fan of peremptory rants – you know, that very Internet need to publicly demand that mistakes not be made. This is because, from long experience, a) wishing doesn’t make it so, and b) it’s demoralizing to those carrying the burden to accomplish. In things like personal electronics or movies, “b” isn’t as much of a factor, but when a team is making a video game, it’s a big factor.

For the next year, maybe a dozen dozen game devs are going to be eating and breathing the Ghostbusters video game. There will be various forces exerted on the project, from the movie’s original creative team, to the publisher level producers, to Sony itself. It’s tough enough to herd a dev team in one direction as it is, let alone keep that team moving forward while dealing with feedback from within and without.

It’s understandable that hopes are high – and it’s also understandable that we can be concerned that those hopes will be dashed. And I’m all for expressing the hopes – “I hope we get to design our own character.” “I hope there will be lots of multiplayer action.”
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