“That would have worked…”

It’s funny how it can sometimes take 25 years and a lifetime of reading to finally put two and two together regarding something about Ghostbusters, but here we are.

The thought, my thought, in question is at the very beginning of the film when Peter teases Egon;

“This reminds me of the time you tried to drill a hole in your head.”

To which a stern, mildly annoyed Egon insists it would have worked had Venkman not interfered. And there is – what would have worked? What was Egon up to?
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China bans Ghostbusters, et al.

My other headline choice was “They ARE afraid of no ghosts!” But them my grammar alarm went off and I had to skip it.

Long story short, the Chinese government has banned all movies with ghosts, monsters, aliens, and pretty much anything they broadly categorize as being designed to “terrorize the senses.”

While there is no specific list of movies (the government has ordered filmmakers, video store owners, and local party members to self-regulate), by definition, Ghostbusters is out – after all, the film’s title there is “Fearless Ghost Catching Team That Doesn’t Fear Death.”

“Oh, Dana, it’s you.”

Another cast member for that Bollywood Ghostbusters remake has been semi-announced – meet Ameesha (Amisha) Patel. Don’t let the post title fool you – we don’t even know if there is a character named Dana in the movie, let alone if Patel is playing her part, but it’s certainly not hard to see her as the ghost-threatened musician.

The Patel girl is currently working on Shree Ashtavinayak’s Do Lucky in which she will star opposite Govinda and another film that is Sanjay Dutt’s home production and is reported as a remake of the Hollywood flick, Ghostbusters. Sanjay and Saif will star with Amisha while the rest of the cast is yet to be finalized…

Strange that the article mentions Saif Ali Khan as a co-star, as he wasn’t previously mentioned in the first article – he could be an additional ‘buster, or the others weren’t locked into the roles. Bollywood is so confusing!

But she’s hot, so that’s ok.