New Avengers Annual #2 GB nod

You may have noticed that Proton Charging isn’t exactly an encyclopedia of Ghostbusters references – the movie is so ingrained in the popular culture that it pops up all over the place. A few notable instances catch my attention however, particularly when I stumble upon on in a favorite comic.

In this case, it’s the 2008 annual for New Avengers – that’s the one with Spider-Man, the original Heroes for Hire, the undead Hawkeye who is not Hawkeye… really, it won’t make any sense to you unless you read comics. However, a particular quip by Spider-Man (who seems to make most of the Ghostbusters references in Marvel comics) will make you smile, even if you don’t follow comics – it certainly made me smile.

Database hiccup – comments offline

Something has hiccupped on my server, and it thinks the date is yesterday… or tomorrow, I’m still sorting it out. As a result, you can’t comment (you’ll get a message that you’re posting too fast and that you have to wait 15 seconds – wait all you want, you probably won’t be able to post for awhile.)

Sorry for the hassle – I know you’ve likely got some doozies. Just be patient – if it’s not working by the time you read this, it will soon.

Dan Aykroyd tribute CD

A loose collection of indie bands in Pennsylvania have undertaken the task of creating an album entirely inspired by Dan Aykroyd. It’s completely tongue in cheek (one song is his entire filmography set to music) and not entirely tight (the cover of Paul McCartney’s Spies Like Us is spirited, if nothing else), but it’s all done with love and contains a surprise or two. Samples can be found here and the whole story behind the album can be found here.

Damn. Now I can’t get that song out of my head. “Ooo, ooo, whataya do? No one else can dance like you.”

80s Toy Expo in March

JP sent in a heads-up about the 80s Toy Expo in Burlington, Ontario this March. No telling how much Real Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters stuff will be on hand, but if there’s a likely place to find that Ecto-Glow set of the team, this would be the place.