Spanish fans, your help please

On the off chance that someone reading this knows anything about Valencia, Spain, a little help please – what is this store? Stay-puft on the sign, Ghostbusters graffiti on the shutters… awesome!

[update] “Ochentas” means “80s” in Spanish, so one would imagine a store selling retro tees, maybe collectibles, etc. Thanks Pat!

“Come in… Ray…”

Sorry for the slow posting the last couple of weeks – March was exceptionally hectic. However, I’m working to catch up, starting with the two below. Also, just for kicks, anyone that likes a good Avenger’s read should pick up this week’s New Avengers. Skrulls and mc chris. ’nuff said. And thanks to Dustin – it’s not every day you see a Ghostbusters 2 reference. Live wrap-up

I’ve been meaning to direct people over to this thread that Kingpin put together – he’s been gathering various photos and people’s reactions to the showing. Short version – people were hoping for more to see, there was a giant Stay Puft in the parking lot, and the Sierra reps got kick-ass jackets. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself.

More Mignola Ghostbusters

Jason keeps on truckin’ with his series of Mike “Hellboy” Mignola-style Ghostbusters, this time with a really bad-ass Winston! All the Winston snaps (and the pictures for the earlier figures – Slimer, Egon, and Ray) can be found here. That just leaves Peter, to complete the foursome (fivesome, if you want to count the spud.) Is that it then? Nope. Jason says he has a few more figures to add to the series up his sleeve.