Red Fly on DS as PKE meter – forget it.

Well, that was quick – Red Fly has stated, in the wake of all the post-black-out coverage for the Ghostbusters video game, that the early April report at the Sierra event that the DS could be used as a PKE meter for the Wii game, is now out of date. They agreed it would have been a cool feature, but has had to be axed. No reasons were given. It’s too bad they weren’t able to cut those reports off at the pass – the original compatibility report will likely persist as fact right up until the Fall release of the games.

Wii/DS connection, downloadable content, and Venkman love-interest

Didn’t I say this week was going to be crazy, now that the news blackout by Sierra was lifted?

First, anyone with a DS as well as a Wii, will be able to use their DS as a PKE meter in the Wii game, via Nintendo’s wireless set-up (thanks to Sean and everyone that mailed that one in.)

Second, The PS3 and Xbox 360 will each have exclusive downloadable content, as well as some downloadable content that is the same on both systems. Terminal Reality head honcho Mark Randel said;

“You have to buy the PS3, 360, Wii and DS [versions],” he said when asked how gamers would get the complete Ghostbusters experience.

“In a cross-platform game, it’s a good idea to have a little bit of exclusive content for each system. It makes everybody happy.”

Personally, I’m fine with three out of four thanks. However, on the plus side, the content is free – the Video Gaming 247 article made the downloadable content sound specific to the PS3 and Xbox, but one would hope that there will be something for Wii and DS fans. Unless using your DS in Wii-play is that something.

[UPDATE] Xplay covered this a bit on G4 last night – they don’t have any more details, but if you’d like to see the clip, Paul has it at Spook Central.

And finally, for now, while talking about the contributions Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd made the game story, Sierra and Randel revealed that Ramis added a love interest for Dr. Venkman. Since the heroine has been added, and Sigourney Weaver is not involved in voice acting for the game, it suggests that it’s not Dana.

Fan fic writers get ready, as Aykroyd has apparently worked all the new equipment in the game into the Ghostbusters canon. You can stop inventing super-ghost traps and electro quarter staffs now – they’ve got a whole bunch of new stuff for you.

Also, it’s been confirmed (as suggested by some of the earliest screenshots) that not everything in the game takes place in the Earthly dimension.