Confirmed: Activision not publishing Ghostbusters

Thanks to all of you that sent in email. Here’s the break-down. As we’ve known for awhile, Activision was considering what to do with the Ghostbusters video game. One possibility was that they come to terms with Sony and publish it, otherwise, they said, they would work with Sony to unload the project to date and find it a new home.

Well, judging from to Activision’s contact with retail outlets, and their contact with anybody that pre-ordered the game, they have officially passed on being the game’s publisher.

From GameStop;

“Activision blizzard has decided not to publish the ghostbusters game originally scheduled to release in October. For this reason, we have canceled the title in our systems.”

So, this just leaves them working with Sony to find it a new home.

I know that a lot of you will interpret this as a new chapter in the saga, and be mad – this is part of the last chapter. This was always the most likely possibility, as it is a move typical when one company takes over the assets of another. I know most of you don’t believe me when I say that their interest in helping it find a new home is a big deal, but could everyone please try not and abuse the PC comments system. Giant rants are best left to one of the community’s fine messageboards (links on the left.)

Anybody want to start a pool on where the game ends up?

PAX 2008

Well, no word that the Ecto-1 appearance has been canceled, which is nice, as it’s a big part of my expo to-do list.

Anybody else attending?

Speaking of St. Louis…


I’m sorry, it just pops in there every time.

Matt Rude had a cool bit of news – while fans in Indiana and California get to see Ghostbusters on the big screen this weekend, fans in St. Louis will get to see it, August 29th and 30th, at the Moolah Theatre and Lounge. Which means big comfy couch seating, food, and drinks – they are calling it the Midnight Brew & View for good reason. So, St. Louis Tully (DAMN!) area fans should check the link for details, and raise a glass for Proton Charging, eh?

Cover to #2 of IDW’s GB: The Other Side

Dave, our favorite Art Monkey, sent in this image (link has full sized scan) of the cover for the second issue of Ghostbusters: The Other Side, which is being solicited now, or will be shortly – I’m not sure. Call your local comic shop.

Whacked! After inadvertently crossing a ghost mafia made up of the most notorious gangsters in history, three of the original Ghostbusters find themselves on the wrong end of a Tommy gun! Dead before their time and consigned to Purgatory, can the gang somehow find their way back to the land of the living?
Plus, what happened to Venkman?

Bullet holes and being transparent can only mean one thing; the Ghostbusters are dead!

OK, the gravestone was a bit of a giveaway as well. And yeah, were’s Venkman?

Thanks to Dave and Twilight Comics (St. Louis? Technically Shiloh , Il, according to Dave – 15mins away) for the cool find. You think after all this time, MY comic shop guy would think to send me a cover like that.