We Are Legion: The Middleman writer Hans Beimler

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that a show – in this case, ABC’s The Middleman – which is based on a comic book, about an artist conscripted by a nameless secret agent to help defend the world from the bizarre, would have Ghostbusters references. What is surprising is the sheer number of them!

My only real introduction to the show was when Sci-Fi magazine gave it a big thumbs up – which is to say it’s 8 episodes in and I haven’t seen a single episode. But I tripped over a Zap2It review of last night’s episode; The Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigation.

I didn’t read the synopsis too much (I’m reluctant to link to it – it’s spoiler-tastic), but a Ghostbuster fan would be in heaven from all the nods. Let’s just say familiar names abound. I’m off to find a copy.

Anybody here actually watch this show? Is it worth watching?

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