RGB DVD clip with Len Janson

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Time-Life sent us this exclusive clip from the Real Ghostbusters DVD interview extras – this one is with Len Janson, writer of a number of classic episodes, including Big Trouble with Little Slimer and Mrs. Rogers Neighborhood. Check around the other Ghostbuster sites for their clips!

You can still order the DVD online in the US (click here if you’re in Canada.)

Blu-Ray still due this fall in EU?

Biodom sent in some links for various French online retailers of movies, each still featuring the Blu-Ray edition of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2, and all still posting an October 8th release. Not much should be read into this, since the release of films in North America is completely separate from their release overseas – their system of distribution pre-dates the Internet, so you were never supposed to be able to compare plans for release in one country to plans for release in another. Which is to say, Sony appears to be setting up 2009 as a big year for Ghostbusters, but its distribution partners abroad are still proceeding as planned (as is their right.)

Those of you that hate the green slime motif of the previous DVDs, get ready – not only does it persist in the French edition of the Blu-Ray, but they even come with extra slime!

[UPDATE] For those wondering about the North American release, to clarify, since Comic Con it has looked like Sony was opting to hold back the Blu-Ray release until next year, to maximize exposure alongside sales of the video game. No official word on when that will be, though Summer dates have started to pop up for the video game.

Empire ranks Ghostbusters as #189 greatest ever

Empire Magazine held a reader poll, consisting of 10,000 respondants, and the input of 50 film critics, and came up with what they’re calling the top 500 greatest films ever. Ghostbusters clocks in at #189 and has the additional honor of being one of the 100 featured movie covers – basically, Empire printed 100 different covers, each featuring a different movie from the list. And if that’s not cool enough for you, Ghostbusters is one of a handful that sold out. The others were Jaws, Star Wars (all three), Fight Club, Superman, and The Dark Knight (with Shaun of the Dead, Batman Returns, and Raiders of the Lost Ark are going fast.)

Thanks Matthew!

Murray talks Ghostbusters 3 and video game

Making a surprise appearance at Fantastic Fest 2008 to promote City of Amber (in which he plays the Mayor), Bill Murray got questioned (by Ain’t It Cool News, if I understand correctly) about doing a Ghostbusters 3. His answer was funny, but guarded. But not as guarded as I would have expected. He also talks favorably about the upcoming game. It’s not any real new information, unless you count the fact that he isn’t totally against the idea of a third movie, but it rare commentary from Bill Murray on the matter. We hear from Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and even Ivan Reitman all the time, but it’s a treat to get to hear from Bill.

I’m using the official, full clip from Fantastic Fest, but if you want to skip through, the GB parts start at 5 minutes.

Thanks to Daryn (who got it in first) and and the dozens of others of you that sent in the YouTube, MySpace, and AICN links – great stuff!

Cereal:Geek issue 4 – sneak-peek

Poobah-in-chief at Cereal:Geek, James Eatock, sent over a taste of the fourth issue of the 80s cartoon magazine extraordinaire, and the Ghostbusters-centric issue looks to be aaaawesome. Click here for a look at some sample thumbnail pages, and click here for a look at a whole page! As before, fans in the UK can pick the magazine up at the Cereal Geek website and the rest of us can pick it up through Graham Cracker Comics (no link yet, though you can still pick up the first three, each with their own touch of RGB goodness – check the website for links.)