Master Replicas hit glitch, but make announcement

While they were supposed to announce their products on their special Ghostbusters site, Master Replicas is apparently having a little technical difficulty. But rather than let Halloween pass with no word, MR made a short post on their main site.

Happy Halloween!

-Ghost Trap Limited Edition 1:1 scale with lights, sounds and other features. ETA: Spring 2009

-Proton Pack Limited Edition 1:1 scale with lights, sounds and other features. ETA: Fall 2009

Other products will be announced shortly. This is only the beginning!

Colour me surprised – I didn’t think they’d go for a 1:1 scale proton pack. That’s going to be one pricey piece of beautiful. Thanks to Brendan and Daniel.

Confirmed! Atari makes it official! Ghostbuster game in Q2 2009!

Nothing more need be said really – Kotaku, via Variety, is reporting the official word we’ve been waiting for. You heard it here first, but now it’s golden, Atari has picked up the Ghostbusters video game and expects to release it “early Summer” next year (so… June? 8th maybe?)

The basic nature of the deal is that Atari paid Activision an unspecified amount to take the game off their hands (it’s being referred to as a flat fee, which suggests that Activision is cut out of the royalties, but that’s just a guess) and that Atari has arranged a right of first refusal with Sony to make follow-up games, if the first rocks the world.

Nevil and Sean, cheers for the heads up.

72 hours, no explosions

So far, seemingly, so good – the site overhaul has been running for nearly three days straight, and while I’ve personally had a page load stall a couple of times, a reload always got it back. So, my question to you, dear readers, is how’s it been going for you? I can’t tell if something is broken unless I bump into it myself, or you tell me, so feel free to make a comment or drop me a line (snazzy new button, top left.)


More peeps at Real Ghostbusters case – pics and vid!

Video Loading…

Time-Life has sent us some more promotional goods on the Real Ghostbusters DVD set, particularly the Steelbook disc cases. Some of this are elements we saw from Friday’s pic, but most are a new high-rez peek at the packaging. Maaaan, I don’t want to wait another couple of weeks!

Full set unpacked and on display
Firehall case
All Steelbooks, with one open
Steelbook One
Steelbook Two
Steelbook Three
Steelbook Four
Steelbook Five