RGB DVD singles delayed, IDW TPB taking pre-orders

The January 27th release of the first of the individual DVD sets for Time-Life’s Real Ghostbusters collection has been pushed back to the end of March, according to TV Shows On DVD. This shouldn’t mean much to most fans, as the collected set (see links at the side) are still available, and are – at the lower cumulative price plus extras – the better deal. However, we thought you might want to know.

Better news is that Amazon has listed the IDW collected trade paperback for their Ghostbusters: The Other Side mini-series. The book, containing all four issues, will retail at $17.99, but Amazon is taking pre-orders at $12.23 – the only downside is that you have to wait until the May release to get it. Thank to Mr. Cardwell for the heads up on that.

Ho ho ho!

Happy holidays and an awesome New Year, everyone!

(check out the film scout blog that the image came from, here. And thanks to Aaron for the heads up!)

It’s been a busy 2008, with some big steps forward and then a couple of steps back, and then some big steps forward again – both for Ghostbusters and for Proton Charging (Ghostbusters the video game had to do some last minute publisher hunting and PC’s code was starting to show its age – but the game has a new home at Atari and PC is humming away happily, thanks to a WordPress template overhaul by Chad at Ghostbusters.net!)

I will be online from time to time – I haven’t had an xmas holiday yet that didn’t have at least one thing to post – but for the most part I will be laying low. So, stay warm everyone, and enjoy the break!

IDW Ghostbusters #3 overcomes snow, #4 looking awesome

While delayed, thanks to snow, oh, everywhere, issue three of IDW’s four-part Ghostbusters: The Other Side finally made it onto shelves yesterday and today. And the sneak-peek at the cover of the final issue is reason enough alone to pick it up (it should be out mid-January.)

‘Nuff said!

OXM UK gets new hands-on with Ghostbusters game

The January issue of OXM put out in England has starting appearing in people’s hands, and you can’t miss their top pick on their must-play-in-2009 list, with Mr. Stay-Puft staring out from the cover. The issue is hitting the newsstands right about now, but if you can’t wait (or can’t find it), OXM UK has a two-page sampler (complete with some nice images) at their website! Thanks Dan!

Atari boss – I want to prove Activision wrong

Thanks to Matt R for sending this in – the title says it all. In an interview with MCV magazine, Atari president Phil Harrison said outright that he wants to make Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick regret dumping Terminal Reality’s Ghostbusters video game. There’s a reason to pre-order if I ever heard one.

“What Bobby, perhaps unhelpfully said, was that those games were franchises which wouldn’t make $100m of revenue and generate sequels.

“If that’s his benchmark, then fine – and we’d love to aspire to the same benchmarks. But you know what? I would love to turn Ghostbusters into a $100m franchise, just to prove him wrong.”