Ghostbusters 7th best Liberal movie ever?


While one can’t help but frown at the use of nuclear power, there’s a lot to like about Ghostbusters, the tale of how strict scientists (“Every ancient religion has its own myth about the end of the world.”) take it upon themselves to save the world after losing their jobs to stodgy, rigid-in-their-beliefs, administrators. The non-discriminating team pursues a humane agenda of trapping and incarcerating pesky spirits, instead of vaporizing them, and when confronted with the extra-powerful being Gozer, the boys in gray attempt to open up a dialogue before having to resort to the non-capital punishment of trapping Gozer in its own dimension, saving the day. And hey, when you think about it, four 1000 year nuclear power sources are better than thousands of industrial batteries year after year, right? -Russell Jones

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