New PS3 Ghostbuster screens

IGN has 5 new shots of the Ghostbusters video game, including a high quality version of the picture of Janine seen last week in German gaming mags. There’s a fantastic picture of The Sedgewick lobby!

Also, people had been asking about the case with Slimer in it, having seen it in the German photos – it’s a lot clearer in this image, and suggests a holding case, which is consistent with very very very early feature reports on the game, which included a viewable library of captured ghosts. It appears that you can call up ghosts you’ve captured, just to have a look at them back at the firehall.

Thanks Andi

Art Asylum hint at variant Stay Puft bank

Having just barely surprised us by announcing their Stay-Puft piggy bank in New York, Art Asylum (makers of the upcoming Ghostbusters minimates) have hinted at a variant version of the bank, featuring angry faced Mr. Stay-Puft!

All in all, Art Asylum has been posting some great stuff about their upcoming products, and regular to boot. And if that’s not enough for you, AJ has been posting some sweet prototype photos and design sheets for the GB Minimates. Check it out.

Aykroyd continues GB3 production push

Following on the heels of last week’s online chat assertion that a third Ghostbusters script will be done by June, and with luck production to follow, Dan continues to talk up a third Ghostbusters by 2010. This time he sat down with Boston’s Toucher and Rich of 104.1FM, and verified that Bill Murray is in, and the Next Generation plotline is still the intent. [Via Steven Hough]

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