Minimates con exclusive – picture

Whoops. I totally missed the image included, almost hiding, on the Action Figure news website. The Stay Puft is Stay Puft, though he apparently glows, but the GB2 Peter is essentially the Peter in the crystal store bust you see in the we’re-back montage – hence the really dark suit and the sunglasses.

Gamestop offers bonus Xbox 360/PS3 in-game uniform!

While it initially seemed that fans ordering their copy of the Ghostbusters video game through Gamestop were only getting a t-shirt (a nice t-shirt mind you), Gamestop has sweeted the deal, according to their online store;

Reserve Ghostbusters and receive an exclusive in-game Ghostbusters 2 Flight Suit. The new suit updates your ghost busting look for the rigorous fashion standards of 1991, is more breathable than ever, and makes a statement of individuality without saying a word. This feature is available in single player and multiplayer modes. Available for online and in-store customers while supplies last.

Online Customers / Store Customers: Exclusive Flight Suit will come packaged with the game.

The bonus uniform appears to be available only for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Thanks to Jokercard for the tip!

Ramis overwhelmed by GB game script

MTV Multiplayer got their buds at MTV Movies to ask Harold Ramis a couple of questions about the upcoming Ghostbusters video game – mainly, he says he helped Aykroyd shape the dialogue they wrote, but when it came to recording the game, he was surprised at the sheer volume of recording that has to be done for a game (tell me about it!)

Ramis also did voice work for his character, Egon Spengler. That proved to be a surprise challenge: “Fortunately the voice still fits,” he joked. “The uniform unfortunately doesn’t it. It was a little weird. I had no idea because I’m not a gamer. The game scripts are like 250 pages. You need all these alternatives so it took forever. A lot of it is just yelling, ‘Look out! Throw that trap, rookie!’ Stuff like that.”

Thanks to TPolk for the heads up.

Ghostbusters game coming to iPhone!

Not much in the way of details, but Sony has apparently announced that an iPhone Ghostbusters game is on its way, due this June.

Sony says the Ghostbusters iPhone game will see you playing as the traditional team from the Ghostbusters movies, tackling New York borough by borough, trapping pesky poltergeists and stopping innocent citizens from being slimed. Think Halloween Harry, only with Ghostbusters’ Peter Venkman deadpanning it all the way through.

One wonders if that means the game will be similar to the DS title in certain respects. Stay tuned!