IGN posts more Next-Gen/Wii game details and new pics

IGN continues to maintain its symbiotic position as kings of info related to the Ghostbusters video game – this time they’ve posted a new preview and five new screenshots.

There are some nice details on upgrading your equipment, the types of achievements/trophies you can earn, but best of all are the details on multiplayer play, which sees players working together, yet competing to score the best (basically, who’s Ghostbuster of the Year. Nyuk)

And oh yeah… you can play as the original four;

What’s interesting about these modes is that they provide you with the opportunity to play as both the single-player star known only as the rookie and the four original Ghostbusters. Also cool — or at least sounds like it could be cool — are the six possible job types you’ll face in a multiplayer game. Survival pits you against a “paranormal onslaught;” Containment is all about capturing every single ghost out there; Destruction charges you with destroying a bunch of ghost-spawning artifacts; you’ll need to protect Egon’s devices in Protection; Thief wants you to stop ghosts from stealing artifacts and Slime Dunk asks you to “dunk the most slimers,” which I’m assuming means slamming them into the ghost traps. Helping you tackle these jobs are six power-ups such as the Ghost Shrinker and Ethereal Shield.

IGN Wii also posted their hands-on and 5 new pics for the sub-next-gen version of the game.

Big ups to Justin, Mark, Lila, et al for the heads up.

More Target tees

Word has it that Target is selling Ghostbuster tees – but are they old designs or something new? It has been awhile since they last offered shirts. Anybody been in a Target lately?

You may now bust the bride

J. Draimer spotted this awesome page where a guy with an ecto replica of decent quality was hired to shuttle a wedding party around – the groom was a major fan. I gather, from what little info there is on the site, that the guy normally chauffeured people around on spooky tours around town. However due to personal reason has shuttered the business.