Weaver digs GB VG… too little too late

At a press conference today in Stockholm, Terminal Reality producer Brendan Goss spoke about the lack of Sigourney Weaver involvement in the Ghostbusters video game – in short, she passed on the game, only to later see if the offer was still open once she found out Bill Murray was involved, only to find production too far along involving a new female lead.

Speaking of Bill Murray, Goss says that Murray hinged his involvement on the game featuring all GBs equally and not being Peter Venkman – The Game. Which, honestly, I still probably would have bought. But it’s nice to hear that Bill is a mench about the whole affair.

Big ups to Dan et al for the heads up.

The Beatbox Choir – Ghostbusters mp3

Everybody can thank Keith for taking the time to pull the ITN performance by The Beatbox Choir and turning it into something iPod friendly – until someone releases an official recording, this is as good as it gets.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Right-click to download it here (2Mb).

New Atari IGN blog post – GB Equipment!

New post on the IGN sponsored Atari Ghostbusters blog – this week, it’s all about the equipment – and not just the standard equipment, but some of the hot new experimental stuff! Specifically, how the were designed with the unique controls of the Wii in mind.

An upgrade to the original proton packs comes in the form of the boson dart, a super de-polarized burst of boson particles that overcharges the beam briefly, sending a miniature sun along the length of the beam to destroy anything it touches. It can drain a ghost’s energy in one or two shots, but it overheats the pack very quickly. It should be used with caution. (But it usually isn’t.)

Ohio Ghostbusters on NBC

The Dayton NBC affiliate just ran their Ghostbusters video game report from the New York Comic Con, complete with a look at the game, a chat with the devs on hand, and some screentime for The Ohio GBs. Check it out.

Columbia officially shoots down Apatow reports

Well, that was short lived – and now you know why everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Talking to the LA Times, Columbia Pictures head Doug Belgrad spoke out against the reports that Apatow Productions were attached to Ghostbusters 3, as apparently reported in Production Weekly by way of Cinema Blend.

“It’s not true,” says Doug Belgrad, president of Columbia Pictures. “We have some great new writers working on a new script, but Judd isn’t involved. Judging from the frenzy on the Internet, there still seems to be plenty of interest in the idea of doing another film, so we’re certainly taking that as a good sign.”

The best part of the LA Times article is where they try and figure out were this rumour started, apparently unaware of the Cinema Blend post that all their included links lifted from. So no one has as yet confirmed Production Weekly’s listing or tried to find out where they got their information – but regardless, the Apatow connection seems firmly cut.

Personally, I smell an internet water test, similar to the encouraging feedback the idea of a Ghostbusters video game received by the unofficial trailers produced and posted by Zootfly. Regardless, it still looks promising for a third movie, though a bit less so than yesterday.