Exclusive look at the Gamer Graffix wall appliques

Yesterday we reported that Gamer Graffix has put up coming soon listings for a whole variety of PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and wall Graffix. Well, today they’ve started revealing the art on their site – and they even sent us a first look at their wall Graffix line-up.

Check em out below – click for full sized. These are the assorted and oversized Graffix that you can put on your walls, windows, door… you name it!

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Playstation Home Ghostbusters content confirmed!

You’ll recall awhile back that PC found a Twitter account talking about a company called LootGear and their work making what sounded like Ghostbusters content for Sony’s Playstation Home.

We contacted Sony and got the word back – ithe official press release is not out, and specifics on the content were not available at this time, but it’s true. Playstation Home will be offering Ghostbusters content, a fact confirmed by LootGear on Twitter this morning.

The tweets suggest that customers will get a chance to own Ghostbuster jumpsuits for their avatars, there will be a firehall space, a drivable Ecto-1, some sort of flying Slimer gizmo, movies, and virtual memorabilia you can display in your virtual pad.

We figure you can expect that somewhere around June 16h, when the game and Blu-ray movies are released. To quote the latest Tweet from LootGear;

It is going to be a Home Space of Biblical Proportions.