Radio GTN podcast foolishly let’s PC talk videogame

The guys at Radio GTN just posted their latest podcast with the topic of the week being… Ghostbusters the video game! And because that’s the topic, the guys invited me on to talk about it with them.

I’m normally mush-mouthed and Skype decided I should be 8bit sound, so if I’m tough to hear at times, don’t blame Grim and co., blame the internets. Or me. Whatever.

As it turns out, I’m a giant apologist for game devs. Which, you know, makes sense. Thanks for having me on, gents!

Where my prizes at?

Just to let everyone know, the contest, which closed last Friday, is still on and winners will be hearing from me shortly.

The delay has been a prize sponsor that has gone silent – everyone else I either have their prizes, or expect them shortly, so I know I can pull names for those items. The last one, they haven’t confirmed sending them.

I thought about drawing without them, but then they show up and everyone that won is all choked that they could have won this other thing. So, I gave them a little extra time, and that’s about out.

So, sit tight, winners to be announced shortly, and if extra stuff does show up later, we’ll have a second, distinct contest. Just to be fair.

A big thanks to everyone that entered – nearly 800 of you! That’s an awesome turn-out.

Lore of the Spiderwitch trailer

Well, press release FAIL! Atari released this great trailer featuring the creepiest, man-eater ghost on the day of the release of the Ghostbusters video game, but it’s only popping up now. I have access to the Atari press site, and I didn’t know about it! It should go without saying, that if you have not played the game, this will be a big spoiler for you. Consider yourself warned.

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