Amazon taking pre-orders on RGB DVD set.

Well, and here I thought the Summer discount codes from Time-Life were as good as it got. has started taking pre-orders for a September 29th shipping of the complete RGB DVD series collection, by Time-Life – currently, Amazon’s discount puts the set at… have a seat…


BUT WAIT! Before anyone goes too crazy over the number, it should be pointed out that Canadians still currently have a comperable deal until Saturday, with the previously mentioned TLCSHARE code, which is $160.98CDN, shipping included – The pre-order works out to $137US plus shipping, which would put the final price en par with the Canadian Time-Life deal.

It should also be pointed out that Amazon is stating it reserves the right to alter their price later, better or worse. Still, at face value, this is an amazing deal for the last of the hold-outs.

Cheers to Troy for the tip.


Summertime sales on RGB DVD set extended! Extra Canuck Special until Aug. 1!

Those sale coupons Time-Life offered in June and July, that were due to expire today… GOT EXTENDED! According to Time-Life, both codes (see below for links) will not expire until August 27th. A whole extra month to get the RGB DVDs in their best form, at the cheapest price.

And if you’re in Canada, a code has gone out that will only be good until Saturday – On orders over $90 (not a problem for the $180 RGB set), you can get 17% off AND shipping for a buck (99 cents, technically.) I have not tried this code, and it’s only slightly better than the Summertime code (as it knocks a few bucks off your shipping, but only equals the set discount), but the official Time-Life email says it’s good till Sunday. Can’t hurt to try!

I’ve tried the code – it works! And it’s ten bucks cheaper! If you’re in Canada, get the set for $150.38 – that’s with shipping INSIDE CANADA included! This is the better deal until Saturday. Then it’s back to the Summertime code, which gets Canadians the set for $160.98, shipping included – still an excellent price!

The code is TLCSHARE – expires August 1st at 11:59PM

The Summertime codes with links are;

For Canadians – code AFSLIMER, which is $35 off (making the set $145) and expires August 27th.
This is an older code that Time-Life has revived specifically for Canadians!

For Americans – code AFSLIMER, which is 20% off (making the set $144) and expires August 27th.

Happy Birthday, Draiden!

I know that technically, likely every day someone visiting Proton Charging is having a birthday. And it should be accepted that we wish you all the best. But it’s not every day that someone visiting Proton Charging having a birthday party is one of the Ghostbusters youngest fans AND they’ve got an awesome cake!

Happy 5th, Draiden! Loving a movie five times older than you are makes you one cool kid!

T-shirt – from my back to yours [UPDATE]

Sort of.

Basically, I made up a shirt for my own use, but as it’s essentially a minimized priced (and a super-low one to boot – approx. $12 + s/h US), I might as well offer it up to the crowd as well. But as this is only intended as a short-lived project, it won’t be up long. And yes, the ladies can get one too, if they like. The print is metallic sparkle gold and silver – you can put it on the colour of your choice (I just set it to beige for my own preference – I left black tees behind years ago.)

[UPDATE] I just noticed on the Spreadshirt website, they’re having a sale coupon for designs with sparkle prints. Which is what I wanted anyhow, as that’s what the WotP sign looks like in the movie – the sparkle added a couple of bucks to the design, but the coupon takes it off. Even without the coupon, it’s still a stupidly inexpensive shirt.

In the US use – SPARKLE9
In Canada use – CADSPARKLE9

The website has some other hilarious t-shirts from other designers, the best being this multiple choice shirt (–Only-Zuul/Detail-3376/Marketplace/Products/detail/article/4749308/);
Great idea! Very high price – $24US. Yikes. But there you are.

SDCC Empire Magazine t-shirt

Empire Magazine was at the San Deigo Comic Con and they were giving out t-shirts to everyone that subscribed – the shirts featured the SDCC logo on the sleeve of the black tees, and one of a selection of Empire Magazine covers, taken from their 500 All Time Best Movies special issue from last year. This of course included Ghostbusters.

The Arizona Ghostbusters were there, got themselves some shirts (and sent us a pic – thanks!0, and generally made the fandom look good. Any other Ghostbusters attend?
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