360 update for Ghostbusters game?

@SchottGun dropped a note saying there’s a patch update for Ghostbusters the video game on the Xbox 360 – I have not had time to confirm the download, but apparently it adds some visual feedback to the game by putting a new light on the proton pack that coresponds to being damaged or healthy.

The big question is does the update fix the error where the pre-order exclusive GameStop GB2 uniform renders incorrectly, with the GB1 shoulder patch interfering with the GB2 shoulder patch – can anyone with that pre-order provide more information (I would, but -shrug- not available in Canada GameStops.)

Ecto Across America starts tomorrow! PKE Surge at DragonCon countdown!

Well, Summer is over. Not officially, but the sun isn’t as warm and DragonCon is almost here – which means Summer is over.

GBFans.com, The Ghostheads podcast, GBTV and a giant group of others are holding PKE Surge at DragonCon – a big gathering of Ghostbusters fans, starting Sept. 4th in Atlanta and covering the weekend. PC will not be there – PC will be at PAX for other reasons, but if you’re anywhere near Atlanta, you should think about going. Lots of fans, lots of swag, lots of fun!

To kick things off, Boomerjinks and crew have built the ECTO-2K, a Dodge Magnum kitted out for busting ghosts, which they will be driving Interstate to Atlanta, and then Interstate via another route home again. And if you don’t get to see it along the way, they will be microblogging it online! Yes. The Car is wired for Internet. And it all starts tomorrow!

This trip is all well and great by itself, but part of the reason we are doing this is to get out and interact with the community. We’re already meeting up with many members in Atlanta, and we plan to see a few here and there along the way, but there are going to be at least six lunches while we’re on the road and we plan on meeting as many of you as we can! Take a moment to look over the map and post in this thread if you think we’ll be passing through your town, or reasonably close to it.

More Info on Ecto Across America here and here.

And then Friday, in Atlanta, at DragonCon, the ectoplasm hits the fan with PKE Surge – surely the start of something annual.

If you’re going to be at DragonCon, find out where the PKE Surge crew is setting up their tables, so you can hook up and join into the fun!

There should be a lot of great DragonCon news next weekend – stay tuned!

PS3 Ghostbusters TVG patch – graphics still not 100%, saved games erased.

A couple of quick notes about the PS3 update for the Ghostbusters video game released last week;

– The graphics, while improved, do not by accounts equal the graphics on the Xbox 360. Well, better than nothing I guess… Thanks to Paul, et al for sending in the various news items, depressing though they are.

– Also, the patch will retain your trophies, your saved games will be lost, apparently. I have not confirmed this (I do not own a PS3). If it is true, this is an unfortunate fact about game patches. The new executable might choke on the old saved game format – ideally, this can be anticipated and a work-around built into code, but sometimes it just happens. On the off chance it happens by accident, maybe back up your saved game to a memory card or something. Again, I can’t swear by this, so it’s possible the updated game will still choke on the backed-up saves, you’ll have to reboot and resign yourself to starting a new saved game – I accept no responsibility in the matter.

Thanks to Dice on that last one.