Gozerian Society t-shirt – 100% more Lovecrafty than the Masons. [UPDATE]

OK, I know there have been a lot of cool t-shirts lately, both official and unofficial, and I know that I’ve proclaimed a couple of them as the best. But as best as the previous ones were, I didn’t always buy them – I’m old, I can’t wear t-shirts every day any more.

But this one, I bought.

Just who raised the money and put in the hard work building the rooftop temple at 55 Central Park West? Who risked life, limb, and sanity to bring the Traveller to New York? Why, the Gozerian Society.

[UPDATE] The shirts are going to be on a slightly lighter shade of grey tee – the Esty site reflects this now, and anybody who has ordered to date has been contact via email. It’s still a hot shirt, just a minor change to the colour.

Be sure to send a note to the seller along with your order, letting him know what size and gender shirt you want.

PS3 Ghostbusters update released

The PS3 update for the Ghostbusters video game we previously mentioned, is now out;

Both single and multiplayer modes have been updated. In single player mode, fixes include an increase in resolution to match that of Xbox360 and some freeze issues, along with numerous other localization fixes.

“Several audio/subtitle mismatches have been patched up as well. The multiplayer patches fix certain maps when both SCEA and SCEE players attempt to play with each other, and the Pay Day Trophy and Capture All Most Wanted Ghosts Trophy now unlock properly.

Thanks to Chris M for the heads up!

Busting makes me feel like calling 911

Racers participating in this year’s Rental Car Rally gave the citizens of Carroll, Ohio a bit of a shock, as they moved through town, dressed in costume, including Ghostbusters outfits. The shock moved to suspicion as the race moved past a nearby nuclear power plant, and the police were called in to check out the possible “terrorists.”

The good news is that the police quickly figured out what was going on, and remained on scene to observe as the race moved out of town. On the downside, the people of Carroll, Ohio have no joy in their hearts, apparently.

We Are Legion: Wil Wheaton [UPDATE]

Oh @wilwheaton, you nut.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone – as a prince amoung geeks and aficionado of all things pop culture and funny, it should almost be a given that Wil Wheaton is a fan of Ghostbusters. Even though this recent interview with Chicago Now does make it pretty clear that the film has gone from Most Awesome to merely Awesome over the years, it’s still nice to hear him talk about how much he loved Ghostbusters as a kid.

What’s the geekiest thing you’ve ever done?
Oh God, where do I start? When I was 11 or 12, I was really into “Ghostbusters.” I thought it was the coolest movie ever. I watched “Ghostbusters” every weekend for–I think it was in our theater for 3 and a half months–I was crazy about it. I decided for Halloween I was going to be a Ghostbuster. So I took my Megatron Transformer–it will be surprising for the kids today that Megatron was actually a gun in the 80s and he could change size. I took my Megatron and assembled it. I used clear packing tape to make sure it stayed together as a gun. I used surgical tubing and styrofoam and my backpack from school and all these different things to make a proton pack. I borrowed a jumpsuit I think from my mom. I photocopied the cover of my “Ghostbusters” album and used the reduce feature. I did this at a drug store by my house.

I built the entire thing. I even built one of those PK meters that they had using a tube of toilet paper and a couple of chopsticks. I drew on the chopstick the little circles. And then built this complicated mechanism inside using like string and tape. I made pulleys so I could make the thing go up and down. … I was so proud of this thing that I would just wear it around the house. I thought it was cool. It was a little bit of shock to me when some of other kids in the neighborhood didn’t think it was as awesome as I did.

That’s probably the geekiest thing I ever did.

And were you shocked when it worked, too?
Yeah, it was really impressive. And then I would put the soundtrack on–I loved the album. I had seen the movie so many times; this was before videotapes of “Ghostbusters” were available. I’d seen the movie so many times that I could recreate the movie. I could say the dialogue and I would play all the different characters. I would do it in my bedroom and in the kitchen and in the living room at my parents’ house, in my costume and listening to the soundtrack, and then I would act out the scenes based on what was happening in the soundtrack. It was hilarious.

There’s a second part to the interview that went up today (Thursday) – a brief mention of Ghostbusters, but regardless, it’s well worth reading just as an interview.