YouTube wants to remind you they’re tight with Sony.

YouTube spent the last couple of days driving fans up the wall on Twitter, by dropping obvious, but inspecific Ghostbuster hints. One site put their money on it being a new trailer for a new movie. In the end, it’s just YouTube hyping their line-up of full-length movies.

Readers will remember YouTube and Sony cut a deal back in April. Still, it’s nice that YouTube has picked Ghostbusters as a particular movie to promote, even if it’s only available to US users.

Brother and Sony launch Halloween contest!

Brother Electronics and Sony have joined forces to launch a contest, wherein a lucky family of four will get flown to New York to take part in a Ghostbusters Halloween in 2010! I’ve found references on Irish and UK websites for Brother, but other press makes it sound global. More on that in a second.

The contest is pretty simple – play their odd little, flash game (UK page), which you can play using either the top-down, Pac-Man style or 3rd person, Doom style interface. The winner will be whomever can complete the five levels the fastest – there are runner up prizes of Sony electronics, and unspecified weekly prizes. The contest will run until November of this year.

This is the UK contest page, but as mentioned, it’s not clear if the contest will soon appear on other Brother sites around the world – if anyone spots one, please post the link in the comments, so we can direct people to the right contest and rules for their country.
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1st Prize: A Spooky Trip to New York during Halloween 2010!

Day One

Flights Arrive In New York Throughout Day One

Each Winner (and Guests) Will Be Greeted At The Airport By Their Driver For Their Private Airport Transfer To The Algonquin Hotel

The First Evening In New York Can Be Spent At The Winners’Leisure

Day Two

All Winners Will Meet Sony’s Representative In The Hotel Lobby (Time TBC) for a Welcome Meeting to Outline Their Trip.

Winners Depart For The New York Location Tour From The Hotel (Individual Times TBC)

Winners Will Experience A Guided Tour Of New York Film Locations

Dinner will be provided at Tavern on The Green (Individual Times TBC).

Day Three

Adult package Winners Depart For Long Island For Their Day At The Scream Park!

Family Package Winners Get Dressed in Their Ghostbusters Outfits and Join the Parade at Greenwich Village!

Day Four

Winners Check Out Of The Hotel
Transfers Back To Airport at Relevant Times For Return Flights.

Full Itinerary To Be Managed By Sony’s Representatives At All Times.
Please note the trip to New York will be awarded to either a family of four (2 adults & 2 children under 16) or 2 adults only.

IDW starts the hype for new Ghostbusters comic series.

Scott Lobdell and Ilias Kyriazis, writer and artist respectively, on the upcoming second Ghostbusters comic series – Ghostbusters: Displaced Agression – recently took a moment to talk about the project. The interview, published in recent issues of various IDW comics (I’m not sure which ones or if they’re from last week or tomorrow’s releases), has been posted online by Ilias Kyriazis, via his DeviantArt page.

It’s a solid interview, talking about a lot of what to expect from time-traveling Ghostbusters.

As a bonus, it’s clear that IDW is onlyl interested in putting those that really love the source material to work on the project. Lobdell talks about his love of the movies in the interview, while Kyriazis goes one better, posting a handful of pages on his site, along with some sweet fanart he did just for the heck of it!


Issue 1, page 4 - Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression
Issue 1, page 4 - Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression

SDCC Slimed Egon goes on sale, online, today at noon. [SOLD OUT]

[UPDATE] As of today, Wednesday, August 5th, at around noon, the SDCC Egon has sold out at Matty Collector. If you didn’t get one, that’s a shame, however you can take heart that the fast sales are sure to help solidify Mattel’s multi-year plans to roll out every Ghostbusters character they can think of.

The 6″ Egon, with Slimer and a coating of slime, goes on sale to the public that wasn’t able to attend the San Diego Comic Con, at noon today through the Matty Collectors website. Thanks to Ryan and Terry for the reminder.

Ghostbusters Blu-ray for $7.99

Amazon has just released a code to take five bucks off the Ghostbusters Blu-ray – which at Amazon’s NEW price of $12.99, makes it ridiculous to not but this Blu-ray. At that price, you can pretty much buy it and sock it away until you have Blu-ray player. Thanks to Daryn for the heads up.

To enjoy the deal, it’s the same as last time – Go to the Amazon site, add the film to your cart, and when checking-out, enter the promo code GHOSTBLU – no word on how long the code will last, though I seem to recall it was up for a short period of time weeks back.