Ramis talks Ghostbusters 3, contemporary Egon

Movieweb has a short Q&A with Harold Ramis about a third Ghostbusters film. A lot of it is stuff we’ve heard before, just expounded on. Also, he shoots down a couple of rumours – the third movie will focus on the Mayan calendar and the end-of-the-world and new Ghostbusters to add to the team (everybody is a possibility, nobody is signed.)

Can you share anything about Dr. Egon’s life in 2012? Is he having a hard time dealing with the effects of the Mayan Calendar? Has he found love? Does he have a kid?

Harold Ramis: I had two initial first instincts. One was that Egon had become a shaved head Buddhist monk. That is not going to happen. The thing that I pitched for my character is that he’s been living in Geneva, and he works for the Institute of Imaginary Science. The work we are doing doesn’t require any conceptual, intellectual, special, or mathematical models for what we are doing. Even we don’t know what we are doing. It’s that theoretical.

He also attributes to the popularity of the franchise and the current possibility of a third movie to Dan Aykroyd, which was not only classy, but absolutely correct.

It’s Dan Aykroyd. He has been keeping this idea alive. This is his original concept, and he’s wanted to do this for a while. He even wrote a spec script years ago. The twenty-fifth anniversary came, we had the new Blu-ray, and the videogame release, and people still seem so very excited about this movie. The response from the game was tremendous. Everywhere I went, people were asking about it. I thought, why not? Why can’t there be a Ghostbusters 3? I have to remind people that they didn’t like Ghostbusters 2 very much. But they still seem to want a third one. Finally, Murray said yes. I thought, “Well, we have a good script. Why not?” Ivan Reitman said yes. It came be done. It can happen.

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