Replica Vigo and Fettuccini Ghostbusters canvas prints for sale!

[UPDATE] Glen Eytchison, who is the painter of credit on the Vigo painting, has expressed unhappiness with the prints and to that end, I’m pulling the links. They are still out there for you to find, but as one of the makers of the original, I’m going to have to leave you to your own devices regarding them, rather then directly link to them – I will be closing the comments, but leaving those already posted, for everyone to read.

I have no information if Mr. Eytchison has his own plans for the design, or is just protecting his interests in general, but I’m not inclined to dismiss the wishes of someone that worked on the film.

As you were.

Hotshot, over at the message boards, and partners have produced high quality canvas prints of the Vigo painting and Four Ghostbusters with Oscar painting from Ghostbusters 2. The prints (which have a slight painting quality to them, having been printed on canvas rather than paper) are created from high quality images of the original and digital touch-ups.

The pair can be purchased for $160USD, shipping included (if I understand correctly – their post details trumps mine) and stand 2.5×5 feet – not to movie scale, but are far easier to display around home – you’ll recall Ray had to climb a ladder to reach Vigo’s head. Of interest to note – the “one of the Fettuccini” paintings, having been taken from the original, shows more than is seen in the film!

The thread has a couple of people successfully buying the prints. And the comments has someone charging the makers with past theft (though, without details, how can I make a judgment?) – As always, BUYER BEWARE! Check your PayPal terms of service and make sure you understand any buyer protection they might offer in this situation, then act accordingly.

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