Happy Halloween! [UPDATED Nov. 1st – send more pics!]

Slimer pattern from ZombiePumpkins.com
Slimer pattern from ZombiePumpkins.com

Have a great and safe Halloween everyone!
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The tradition continues...
The tradition continues...

Nice use of part of ZombiePumpkin.com pattern on smaller pumpkin!
Nice use of part of ZombiePumpkin.com pattern on smaller pumpkin!

A great constume quick! Nice!
A great constume quick! Nice!

DanElektro indulges in some BOO-doir photography (snicker)
DanElektro indulges in some BOO-doir photography (snicker)

[Halloween 2009!] ~by Amy the Great (124)[Halloween 2009!] ~by Amy the Great (151)

halloween 09 043June 09 - my Ecto-1 006

Brendan and the Crossing the Streams podcast crew hit the town.

The New Hampshire GBs!

Aykroyd rephrases Murray, says new team will be unknowns

Dan Aykroyd spoke briefly this week to NY Magazine and expounded on Murray’s comment that he liked some of the new script, but not all of the script, saying “This one? No [Murray hasn’t been critical of it]. He likes it.”

Aykroyd also reaffirmed the plan to extend the franchise past the original team by introducing a new team, a mix of male and female, but he put some new emphasis on picking unknowns (something that would work better should the actors be called for more than one movie, as well as help manage the budget of a film that has to pay a lot of big names just to get started.)

Thanks to Nevil for the heads up!

Missed the Philly GBs on Geekcast? Listen again!

Missed the livecast of this week’s Geekcast with the Philadelphia GBs? Well no sweat – the podcast is not live online for you to download and check out.

Adam and Ed represented the Philadelphia Ghostbusters and participated in an interview with the hosts Aaron and Gozer of The GeekcastGeekcast is a podcast that is great for geeks, learning about technology, games, movies, and everything else!  They wanted to do a Halloween episode and asked the PGB to participate!

We had a great time and talked about the PGB group and the charity work we do, as well as our geek interests and even answered Ghostbusters trivia!  I think we did pretty well!  The interview was streamed live with a live chat and has now been edited and added to their podcast.

It’s a great listen, and tune in to past and future episodes coming from The Geekcast!  You can hear it at either of these links…

Itunes Podcast
The Geekcast Official Website

The AZ GBs and their good works get some well deserved praise!

The Arizona Ghostbusters, who are tireless in their efforts to mix their love of Ghostbusters and charity and fun, got featured in the Phoenix New Times;

It’s easy to drive right by this corner without even noticing it — except when there are a dozen people wearing Ghostbusters uniforms and giant proton packs, pushing a hulking, white-and-red 1972 ambulance across the street.

You have to read the article – nice work busters!