Mini-Janine bio video from That Guy With The Glasses

I like this idea in general – mini-video shorts highlighting a familiar character that is sadly often overshadowed. I like it even more that the first episode uses everyone’s favorite administrative assistant, Janine Melnitz! Funny and informative, slightly NSFW in the language and a little wobbly with the sound levels, but over all, a thumbs up here!

Kudos and good luck to with their new shorts feature, and tip of the hat to Citizen Stu for the heads up!

Hudson addresses “token” status

Ernie Hudson took a moment earlier in the month to talk to WebTV Deluxe – his comments on Ghostbusters 3 are similar to other comments he made at the Big Apple Comic convention, but what keeps this from being redundant is interviewer Alvin Rueda’s cheeky question about Hudson’s thoughts on being regarded as “the token black guy.” Ernie’s answer is as classy as you’d expect. Short, but classy.


Namco-Bandai and GameStop build Ecto replica for charity

!B,(iBL!BWk~$(KGrHgoH-CsEjlLlvGm7BKrQdKTZOg~~_12Namco-Bandai and GameStop (Germany) unveiled an ecto-converted ’62 Cadillac Fleetwood at the Essen Motor Show yesterday – the shiny new Ecto will be displayed until December 6th, at which point it will go on sale, on eBay, to raise money for the “Ein Herz für Kinder” charity (literally translated as “A Heart For Children”.)

No confirmed pics of the car yet (though the one below, provided by a German Xbox site, IS a Fleetwood), nor is there a link to the auction, but stay tuned.


Thanks to @pkNRG for the heads up!

Ghostbusters Video Game Script & Original Synopsis

I keep meaning to give a shout out about this – Paul over at Spook Central has the cutscene scripts and original story synopsis from the Ghostbusters video game, straight from game witers, John Zuur Platten and Flint Dille.

Great information and some great comments from Platten and Dille themselves – check it out!

Ecto-2K & GBFans join pop art charity auction!

AJ at is heading to Colorado to meet up with the Ecto-2K team (who encountered an insurmountable obstacle in their Summer trip to DragonCon), and together they are all headed to Pasadena, CA for the 2nd annual Hey You Guys charity auction and event.

The auction is a whackload of great, 80s inspired pop art (hence The Goonies derived name), including a half-dozen (so far) Ghostbusters themed pieces, and the event is a FREE screening of Ghostbusters! AJ and Co. will be there to donate the money raised for the halted Ecto Across America event to Hey You Guys.

Ghostbusters Screening &
Charity Art Auction

Saturday December 5th, 2009
Rialto Theater
1023 Fair Oaks Avenue · South Pasadena, CA 91030

Doors at 6pm
Film at 7pm

The auction will include online bidding (more on that soon) – in the meantime, check out the great pieces that have been donated to the event.