Official Minimates Checklist! Yay! Series 3 release date! YAY!

Proving either that great minds think alike or someone at Art Asylum checks in on PC, maybe when we link to their blog articles, an official, visual checklist has been released for all their Minimates lines, including Ghostbusters!

Click for full size
Click for full size

On a related note, the most-recent Art Asylum Q&A had one GB-centric post – interesting, but not worth a lone post. Why spam Twitter and the GBFans news list with every little thing, right?

Eric Lam
The just announced Third (or really Forth, I suppose) Ghostbusters Minimate Box-Set is amazing enough as it is, but is there any way you could include with an extra “Gooey Peter” head or at least a Peter hair piece with a white dob on it? Since everyone should have a couple extra Ghostbuster bodies lying around from the TRU waves and Peter only had a little marshmallow in his hair at the end of the film, that one extra piece would be the perfect way to finish off the “Gooey variants” set!

DSTChuck: Eric, we’re considering that the third set. The idea with that was to finish the gooey set and give collectors and fans of the show a chance to round out their set of really key characters from the first movie. Peter does not really get pelted with “goo” so he was an easy choice to leave out. We’ve heard the head piece idea and it’s something we’ve considered as well but we’ll just have to wait and see if its something we can manage.

And finally, AA has posted their tentative 2010 release schedule, which amends a few of the GB items they have coming, as well as some that were supposed to be here already;


Ghostbusters Ecto1 License Plate Replica

Ghostbusters Logo Bank

MARCH 2010
Ghostbusters Minimates Series 3 Box Set

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