We Are Legion: Unknown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Further proof that Ghostbusters has international appeal, in a recent interview with New York Magazine, Sigourney Weaver revealed that she was once invited to dinner at the White House during the Reagan administration, because the 11 year old son of the King of Saudi Arabia was a Ghostbusters fan and wanted her to attend.

She’s been to the White House once. It was during the Reagan administration, and an 11-year-old Saudi Arabian prince and Ghostbusters fan had requested her presence at a dinner, but was disappointed that she didn’t turn up as Zuul. While there, she tried to discuss abortion with President Reagan but was promptly whisked away by the Secret Service.

You can’t blame her for trying. Nice try, Siggy.

While the blurb provides few clues, but some quick research shows that
there were only three official visits to the White House by Saudi royalty during the Reagan administration, and one of them was Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz meeting the President, presumably to congratulate him on his trip into space aboard Discovery.

1987 October 19: Crown Prince Abdullah meets with President Ronald Reagan and Vice President Bush at the White House.

February 11-15: King Fahd visits the United States for his first official visit to Washington since becoming King in 1982; meets with President Reagan at the White House.

Each have a lot of kids though, so its hard to say which prince traveled with them without some more digging.

But for now, a tip of the hat to our mystery ghosthead in the Middle East!

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