GB Blu-ray to include digital copy – RGB vol. 2 out January

dp-on-demand-logo._V233830985_As an incentive for buying movies on disc (and, presumably, not downloading them online, and thus taking money away from them) Amazon has created their Disc+ On Demand program – basically, when you buy one of 313 (and growing) titles in either Blu-ray or DVD format, you can instantly download a “standard definition” (ie good, but less than DVD) for viewing. This version can be viewed using a number of methods, from right on your PC or Mac, to your TiVo or a whole host of other video players. The one place of note that you CAN’T view it, is your iPhone or similar video products from Apple. It seems a little convoluted to me, but if nothing else, it’s a nice bonus for buying the film – too bad it doesn’t help us that already bought it months ago.

The Disc+ On Demand version is only available with the purchase of Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray or “green slime” DVD and does not apply to two-disc, GB/GB2 DVD versions of the film.


Speaking of Amazon, a January 26th release date has been announced for Volume 2 of the Time-Life Real Ghostbusters DVD – there have been a number of excellent offers available for the box set of the series, both from Amazon and from Time-Life (including a special coupon code for PC readers), but for those that are picking and choosing their sets, or would rather pick them up one at a time, you’ll soon be able to nab the second set of discs. If they pick up the pace, you might have all of them by next Christmas.

You can pre-order the set for $27.99 now.


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