Hey You Guys now taking online bids – new GB art added to auction!

If you’ll recall last week’s news about the Hey You Guys! charity art auction and free screening of Ghostbusters (with Boomerjinks and the CO crew in their Ecto-2k, along with AJ from GBFans.com, in attendance), you’ll also recall I mentioned online bidding would start soon – well, it has, and a couple of choice GB pieces are bidding up fast! Also, Dapper Dan has contributed some of his pieces to the event as well!


Official Minimates Checklist! Yay! Series 3 release date! YAY!

Proving either that great minds think alike or someone at Art Asylum checks in on PC, maybe when we link to their blog articles, an official, visual checklist has been released for all their Minimates lines, including Ghostbusters!

Click for full size
Click for full size

On a related note, the most-recent Art Asylum Q&A had one GB-centric post – interesting, but not worth a lone post. Why spam Twitter and the GBFans news list with every little thing, right?

Eric Lam
The just announced Third (or really Forth, I suppose) Ghostbusters Minimate Box-Set is amazing enough as it is, but is there any way you could include with an extra “Gooey Peter” head or at least a Peter hair piece with a white dob on it? Since everyone should have a couple extra Ghostbuster bodies lying around from the TRU waves and Peter only had a little marshmallow in his hair at the end of the film, that one extra piece would be the perfect way to finish off the “Gooey variants” set!

DSTChuck: Eric, we’re considering that the third set. The idea with that was to finish the gooey set and give collectors and fans of the show a chance to round out their set of really key characters from the first movie. Peter does not really get pelted with “goo” so he was an easy choice to leave out. We’ve heard the head piece idea and it’s something we’ve considered as well but we’ll just have to wait and see if its something we can manage.

And finally, AA has posted their tentative 2010 release schedule, which amends a few of the GB items they have coming, as well as some that were supposed to be here already;


Ghostbusters Ecto1 License Plate Replica

Ghostbusters Logo Bank

MARCH 2010
Ghostbusters Minimates Series 3 Box Set

GBFans Mattel Q&A part 2 is posted

GBFans.com’s Q&A with Mattel and MattyCollector.com has moved on to its second part today, as fans get more of their questions about the 12″ and 6″ action figures answered. It is short, but as it’s intended to continue for awhile, it’s therefore up to you to send GBFans the questions you want answered!

Column: The Private Sector – What’s the Criteria?

Hey there, people of the Private Sector. Hope that those of you who so observe had a great holiday weekend and that it was filled with football, food, and becoming increasingly annoyed with your Uncle Fred’s deviated septum noises.

This week is going to be another column on the interactive side of things. As some, none, or most of you may know: part of my daily job description is creating all of the bonus content that gets sandwiched on the DVDs and Blu-rays that you know and love. Ghostbusters fans were recently treated to another home video release of the film that started it all on the most recent format of Hollywood’s choice. Despite there being a whole lot of new content on the Blu-ray release, the general consensus was a want for more… let’s face it, Ghostbusters is one of Sony’s long-standing evergreen properties, and if one of their franchises deserved the royal treatment (akin to the Alien Quadrilogy, the Ultimate Matrix set, or the Blade Runner Final Cut set), this series of films is it.

So, under the disclaimer that this column and any further discussion therein is being done outside of my professional life, by myself as a fan (ie. NOT as a representative of the wonderful folks over at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment), I wanted to set a foundation for what our end-all-be-all, super-awesome, everything-but-the-kitchen sink HD release of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II would contain. Think of this as the Alien Quadrilogy for Ghostbusters. What would you like to see?

If I was in charge (and I hardly ever am, so sadly don’t get any ideas), had an unlimited budget, and the stars aligned to get everyone and everything, here’s what the box set would contain…

The Ghostbusters Compendium (a three-disc Blu-ray set)

Disc 1 – Ghostbusters

– Feature Film (with optional deleted scenes branched in to create an extended cut)

– Theatrical Teasers and Trailers

– 1999 Commentary with Ivan Reitman, Harold Ramis, and Joe Medjuck

– 2010 On-Screen PiP Commentary with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and Sigourney Weaver

– Slimer-Mode (Carry Over from Previous Blu-ray Release) on Theatrical Version

– Interactive Isolated Score (including unused and spotted tracks)

Disc 2 – Ghostbusters II

– Feature Film (with optional deleted scenes branched in to create an extended cut)

– Theatrical Teasers and Trailers

– 2010 On-Screen PiP Commentary with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and Sigourney Weaver

– Slimer-Mode (Newly Created Content to mirror previous GBI Blu-ray Release) on Theatrical Version

– Interactive Isolated Score (including unused and spotted tracks)

Disc 3 – Bonus Features

– “Making Ghostbusters: v2” – Newly Created, Two-Hour Retrospective Documentary Tracking the Ghostbusters Films from 1983 to Current. Breaking down Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and Release Response for Both Films, along with a glimpse behind the scenes of the development of Ghostbusters III.

– Ghostbusters SFX Team Documentary (1999 Carry Over)

– Ghostbusters SFX Multi-Angle Feature (1999 Carry Over)

– Compilation of Ghostbusters II ILM Home Videos, Test Footage, and newly filmed interviews for a Ghostbusters II SFX Team Documentary

– Comprehensive Stills Gallery for Each Film – Includes Production Images, Storyboards, Miniature and VFX Images, Promotional Materials (Poster Art Explorations, Logo Explorations), etc.

– Raw Dailies, Visual Effects Shoot Footage, and Unarchived and Restored Material from the Cutting Room Floor (also incorporated into new retrospective documentary)

– Full Criterion Laserdisc Archives (Includes all bonus material, production notes, photographs, video, etc. authentically and accurately recreated from the original laserdisc release)

– Full Original Spec Screenplay for Ghostbusters as Written by Dan Aykroyd (intended for Aykroyd and Belushi, accompanied by exploration imagery created to sell the script)

– Full Shooting Script Screenplay for Ghostbusters as Written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

– Full First Draft Screenplay for Ghostbusters II (Ghostbusters: The Seed) as Written by Dan Aykroyd

– Full Shooting Script Screenplay for Ghostbusters II as Written by Dan Akyroyd and Harold Ramis

– Ecto-1: Resurrecting the Classic Car (2009 Blu-ray Carry Over)

– Fan Documentaries: “Cleanin’ Up the Town” etc.

– Full 1984 “Making-Of” Promotional Featurette for Ghostbusters

– HBO First Look: Ghostbusters II

– Hollywood One-on-One with Scott Patrick (Ghostbusters II Promotional TV Airing)

– Full June 1989 Oprah Winfrey Show – Promoting Release of Ghostbusters II

– Full Promotional Video of “Ghostbusters: Spooktacular” from Universal Studios Florida

– Archival Photographs, Concept Drawings, and Storyboards for the Ghostbusters: Spooktacular Attraction

– Audio Archive (includes radio advertisements, original 1984 radio interviews, etc.)

– TV Archive (includes TV spots for both films, Hardees commercials, Kenner toy commercials, Fuji Film tie-in commercials, Ecto-Cooler commercials, cereal commercials, alternate “TV/Airplane Version” censored takes of scenes from both films)

– 1999 Promotional Featurette with Ivan Reitman on the Advent of DVD

Okay, I know I’m leaving a ton out. So now is where you come in… what archival materials would you like to see on the super-awesome definitive home video release of Ghostbusters? Feel free to chime in here on one of the excellent Ghostbusters websites kind enough to host the Private Sector, or drop me an email at netsolo@aol.com and let me know what I left out, and we’ll come back to revisit this in a later column to mark a definitive guide to what the fans are clamoring for on home video.

No letter this week, instead I’d like to put out a call to all of the female Ghostheads out there in the webs (I know, I know… don’t get any ideas all you hounds out there). If any of you are interested in answering a few questions for an upcoming column of the Private Sector which will be discussing being a female in what’s predominantly a boy’s club, I want to hear from you! If you’re interested in participating, drop me a line at netsolo@aol.com. Until next time!

[The Private Sector is a weekly syndicated column written by Troy Benjamin presented every Wednesday on GB Fans, Proton Charging, and Ghostbusters.net as an op-ed look at the goings on in the world of the Ghostbusters franchise. Learn more about Troy at www.troybenjamin.com]