"I'm gonna get him a nice fruit basket" [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Of course I’m not going anywhere – and I tried to leave as much evidence to the contrary as I could. Some noticed the underlined words, spelling April Fools – those are links, which if followed also would have clinched it. As well, the photo caption specifically contains the phrase “and this is just the beginning”, which is true (I plan on keeping this going for a good long while), instead of something more final. But most of all, it’s what I didn’t include, deliberately, that is most important – I didn’t thank anybody. Not you guys, not all the other GB webmasters, nothing… there’s no way in hell I’m walking away from this without giving out due props to everyone who dropped in along the way.

So, if you got suckered, April Fools, in the best spirit of the day – Gotcha! I didn’t mean to be mean, but don’t worry, it’s a trick I can only pull once.

What can I tell you, other than it’s been a long haul, nothing is as it was at the beginning, and I’m tired. And I’m only half-way through the existential to-do list – what happens when a kid enters the picture that becomes priority A-1?

I’m very proud of everything herein, but the animal of the Internet has changed – the tools (ie Google alerts) that made my job easier, also made it just as easy for anybody, really. Items I track down manually, the old fashioned way are automatically RSS’d out everywhere, and half of those are re-reported, sans attribution, on generic movie sites, making them look on the cutting edge of very specific genre news without the leg-work… and that means hundreds of thousands of mainstream fans get up-to-date (which is awesome), but never know where it came from (not awesome – particularly for a completely ad-free website… attribution is all I’ve got.)

So my friends, without any bells or whistles, tears or gnashing of teeth, I’m punching out. The site will remain, but as to its future, I’ll have to get back to youse!

12 years ago! And this isn't even the beginning!
12 years ago! And this isn't even the beginning!

Firehall personal space released for EU Playstation 3 owners! [UPDATE]

Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ
UPDATE: I’ve received news this morning that the Ghostbusters Firehouse personal space will not be released this week as previously announced. We will now be releasing this space in the April 15th update. We apologise for the delay.

Apparently, despite having first crack at the Ghostbusters video game, PS3 owners in Europe were left waiting – for nearly a year – on the Ghostbusters firehall as a Playstation Home personal space.

But, according to the PS3 EU morning blog, it’s out this week!

We know you’ve been waiting for the Ghostbusters Firehouse personal ever since it released for North America, and we’re pleased to announce it’s here! This space consists of three floors packed full of furniture and decorations, not least of which is your very own Ecto-1. The Ghostbusters Firehouse comes complete with movie props and portable blue screens that will be perfect for creating your own machinima movies. Just make sure you have your eyes open in case of any supernatural activity!

Ernie Hudson's GB3 wish-list – more Winston!

MTV cornered Ernie Hudson in Toronto and like everybody else there, asked him about Ghostbusters 3. While he only knows as much as we do (and admits as much, unlike some people) he does know what he’d like to see in a third Ghostbusters film;

‘If it does go forward I want to see Winston be all the way through the movie for once for God’s sake – not an hour into the movie, here comes Winston.’ Hudson told us. ‘Also, I’d like to see Winston have some sort of back story. Where does Winston go? Is he married? Does he have an apartment? Does he live on the street? Who is this Winston guy that we’ve seen two movies about?’

Agreed! More Winston!

You can read the whole article here or watch his interview below;

DST unable to produce Ecto-1s, has pondered prop replicas

In case you’ve ever stared at their Back to the Future Delorean model and wondered; no, Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum cannot produce an Ecto-1, according to their license with Sony. This has come up a few times in the past, but it was confirmed today in the most recent Art Asylum Q&A. This is not a surprise, as this is something Sony likely keeps separate, allowing other companies, like Joyride, to produce their die-cast replicas.

At the same time, they haven’t entirely ruled out prop replicas – rather, they could make them, and they have thought about making them, but at this time, it’s just them thinking about it – no serious plans to date. Still, hope springs in turtles.

Will there be more Deloreans this year for bttf’s 25th anniversary and or surprises?:) Also, what about an ecto-1 car in 1/15th scale and a miniature for the minimates? There could even be two versions from both films. I think people really enjoy having different scales, not to mention that it leaves open the opportunity for 6 inch figs later. And for that matter why not an electronic prop replica of the proton pack ? Not only do you have the Ghost Buster license but you manufacture prop replicas…its totally obvious? With the newer film most likely Mattel will have the license and over simplify the toys due to mass production and moms groups who are concerned for their children. The same thing happened to dark knight resulting in crap like bola trap batman. I don’t believe that was in the film unless I fell asleep for thirty minutes, but I doubt it because the film was flippin awesome. So as you can see…. your our only hope. Thanks for reading all that. I appreciate it!

DSTChuck: Yes we do have another time machine planned, we’re calling it Rail Ready with the train tires. Ecto-1 vehicles are not currently allowed in our license. I have to be honest we have considered a proton pack or ghost trap replica but nothing is in the works.