posts 4th Mattel Q&A

GBFans has submitted your questions and posted Mattel’s answers in a fourth round Q&A with the toy maker.

Short version! SDCC exclusive will be awesome, but no hints until April. 12″ Peter (snicker) comes with the basic accessories, but Winston will come with paperwork and brand name spongecake snack. Hot Wheels Ecto-1 will continue to be produced and shipped throughout the year (Mattel makes Hot Wheels, y’see?). And someone suggested a Barbie line of Ghostbusters, or at least her as a secretary – I say make her a Ghostbuster.

Hell, if they’ll make Mad Men Barbies, then then a Barbie suited up to bust some heads in a spiritual sense is totally doable. And shouldable. Secretary is so 1962!

As always, good answers need good questions by YOU, so contact GBFans with yours, today, for round five.

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