Mattel confims plans for a future 4-pack of figures!

Toyguru, one of Mattel’s moderators at their Matty Collector messageboards, has confirmed that the company does have plans to release a 4-pack of the 6″ Ghostbusters action figures at some point in the future. When that point is is up in the air, as is final confirmation that the plans will in fact be put into action (and aren’t just ideas they’re kicking around), but we can safely assume it will be much later in the year, once all 4 Ghostbusters have been released. It’s speculative, but not wildly so, to assume that the pack will not come with all the extras (ie ghosts, etc.) the singular figures do – it’s also means fans wanting a containment unit will have to make a point of buying the Walter Peck figure in the next few months.

[VIA Toy News International]

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