Correction: Real Ghostbusters writer, Stephen J. Perry, is fine.

[UPDATE] In what is both a massive coincidence and copywriting nightmare, there are TWO Steve Perrys who are writers. Cartoon writers no less. Steve Perry, who wrote for Real and Extreme Ghostbusters, is alive and well. The tragic death of Steve Perry, the Thundercats writer, remains real and sad.

Thanks to Troy for helping clarify the story.

Real Ghostbusters Steve Perry’s website and blog:

And for future record – everyone pay attention now – THIS is why imdb’s information on Ghostbusters 3 is always suspect. As of today, I officially trust Wiki more than imdb.


I had an ugly feeling when I read that Steve Perry had been confirmed as a victim of murder. While most news items called him “Thundercats writer”, the name seemed familiar. And after all, if you were a cartoon writer on one show in the ’80s, you probably wrote for a lot of them. A quick check of his Wiki and imdb listing confirmed the worst – Stephen J. Perry, writer of Play Them Ragtime Boos, Captain Steel Saves the Day, Janine’s Day Off, as well as Ghost Apocalyptic Future for the Extreme Ghostbusters series, was murdered at age 56. Perry had been battling cancer in recent years.

All our thoughts are with Stephen’s family and friends, such as fellow RGB writer, Michael Reaves.

Art Asylum shows off new Minimates 4 pack – SDCC / TRU exclusive?

Art Asylum has posted pictures of their upcoming Ghostbusters Minimates four-pack – these are the figures that were seen at the 2010 New York Toy Fair.

Surprisingly not included are all the accessories seen at Toy Fair – the set includes a PKE meter and “lab coat”, though it looks a lot like the blue coat Dana wears when she first visits the firehall. Both of these were seen in the Toy Fair picture, but now all the other cool accessories are gone – no spectral analyser, no sniffer, no stethoscope or video camera (with shoulder slung recorder.) Looking at the package, it’s hard to imagine where they’d go anyhow.

Officially called the We’re Ready To Believe You! Box Set (no series number given) the pack sports a San Diego Comic Con logo and Toys R Us Exclusive foil stamp. The only way to interpret this is that the set will initially be made available at SDCC this year, and then sold exclusively through Toys R Us afterwards – stay tuned in case that changes.

From Art Asylum;

Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?
Have you or your family ever seen a spook, spectre or ghost?

Then call on “We’re ready to believe you” Ghostbuster Minimates!
The newest Ghostbuster Box Set contains the guys doing their famous TV Commercial!

The Set includes:

Ready to Believe Peter,
Ready to Believe Egon,
Ready to Believe Ray,
And the scared and slightly desperate Dana Barrett!

Shot On Site – Fort Detmerring Exterior

Paul at Spook Central has picked up the Shot On Site flag and has started doing some Ghostbusters filming location detective work himself – in addition to organizing everything that is known so far, he has tracked down the likely shooting location for the infamous Fort Detmerring cut scene. Only a few shots were released in various publications and none of the fort made it into the final movie, though Ray’s naughty nightmare did (filmed on a sound stage.)

You can read Paul’s Detmerring breakdown here, you can see all his Shot On Site info here, and you can check out all of PC’s Shot On Site posts here.

Art Asylum shows off TRU Minimates boxes – OMG, Janosz has a party hat!

Art Asylum have done their usual awesome thing and posted front and side and back pics of their upcoming Ghostbusters Minimates two-packs. Already a strong line-up of figures, the series just got awesomer, at least to me…

Janosz comes with a Happy New Year party hair accessory, just like he has at the end of the film! Lookit!

Toys R Us is getting an influx of Creepy Subway Ghosts and happy dancing Statue of Liberties!

In our Wave 4, we made some important characters!

Ghostbusters 2 Peter and Slimer
Ghostbusters 2 Slimer Blower Ray and Theatre Ghost

And the exclusives:

New York City Mayor and the Subway Ghost
Possessed Janosz and the Statue of Liberty

Perfect gifts for those living in NYC, just to remind them of this Ghostbuster quote:

“You know how much negative energy would be necessary to generate a flow this size?” – Egon
“New York – what a town, huh?” -Winston