Art Asylum shows off TRU Minimates boxes – OMG, Janosz has a party hat!

Art Asylum have done their usual awesome thing and posted front and side and back pics of their upcoming Ghostbusters Minimates two-packs. Already a strong line-up of figures, the series just got awesomer, at least to me…

Janosz comes with a Happy New Year party hair accessory, just like he has at the end of the film! Lookit!

Toys R Us is getting an influx of Creepy Subway Ghosts and happy dancing Statue of Liberties!

In our Wave 4, we made some important characters!

Ghostbusters 2 Peter and Slimer
Ghostbusters 2 Slimer Blower Ray and Theatre Ghost

And the exclusives:

New York City Mayor and the Subway Ghost
Possessed Janosz and the Statue of Liberty

Perfect gifts for those living in NYC, just to remind them of this Ghostbuster quote:

“You know how much negative energy would be necessary to generate a flow this size?” – Egon
“New York – what a town, huh?” -Winston

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