Dark Bunny Tees reveals new Shandor-themed design!

Get ready!

Dark Bunny posted a picture of one of their upcoming, limited edition shirts – this one will tickle the fancy of most every Ghostbusters fan, and particularly those that loved the Gozerian Society t-shirt we previously reported!

Now, two things to consider – first, the shirts are limited, usually to a hundred. Conversely, they are a little pricey for anybody having to buy in a currency other than pounds (they are 19 quid each – so, that’d be $28 USD / $30 CDN, plus shipping), but you know, sometimes being special is worth a little extra, right?

Thanks to Todd for the heads up!

Cross the Streams podcast – new home, new vids!

Cross the Streams podcast, after seven episodes, have pulled up stakes at their old web address and moved over to Ghostbusters News as their new home! You can check out their blog and past episodes there, but just because, we’re posting two new promo videos they recently posted here. It’s the magic of YouTube!

Stay tuned for their next episode, which PC always makes a point of announcing – we keep track of it, so you don’t have to!

The following is NSFW, but hilarious. It also contains subliminal pain.

Boston America gives Ghostbusters energy drink a new can!

Boston America Corporation, makers of Slimer Sours, Mr. Stay-Puft marshmallow lip-balm, and Ectoplasm energy drink, have put out a second can of what is presumably the exact same energy drink, this time with a Slimer theme (the Ectoplasm and Slimer drinks have different SKUs, but the same product description, which makes sense, as retailers are buying more for what’s on the can than what’s in it.)

Currently, you can pre-order the drink online, for $2.99 plus shipping, through Big Bad Toy Store, but as with the original drink, you should find it everywhere from your local comic shop to Hot Topics / Urban Outfitters soon enough. The drink will be released soon, as it’s slated for a “July 2010” release.

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[VIA GBNews.com]

GB producer Michael C. Gross shares GB2 behind-the-scenes photos

Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 producer, Michael C. Gross has posted some items from his personal archives, including a call-sheet for the liberty island celebration at the end of the film (official shooting date – at least the first one – is December 5th, 1988), a black and white photo of his on the ground of the same liberty island shoot, and a variety of other incredible photos from Ghostbusters 2, including a couple of Mr. Gross sporting an AWESOME knitted no-ghost logo sweater! If you’re on Facebook, you can check them out here. A few are below;