Ghostheads podcast ep. 15 hits the web!

Ghostheads – Episode 15

“You can take this ticket and keep it!”

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Opening – Minutes 1:16 – 2:28

News Topics – Minutes 2:29 – 41:36

  • Club Ecto-1 memberships
  • Mattel walks into replicas – PKE Style
  • Toys ‘R’ US exclusive GB II figures
  • Retro-Action figures
  • We’re ready to believe you Minimates
  • Excuse me Coca-Cola, do you have any Ecto-Cooler?
  • Bill Murray GQ interview
  • NH/L.I. GB meetup

Commercial – Minutes 22:24 – 22:34

Closing – Minutes 41:37 – 43:29

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Welcome CNN readers – I have some links for you!

Hi all – for you regular readers, CNN did a Comic Con photo wrap-up, which was notable not only for featuring the West Coast Busters, but in that is ranked Ghostbuster fans at the same level as Star Trek and Star Wars fans. Plus! CNN called us Ghostheads. Norm, your nickname lives on in the CNN style guide now.

For those of you new to this site, having come here from CNN’s feature, welcome, and I have to make a point, CNN made an error. Proton Charging is a Ghostbusters news site, and has been for over a decade, but it is not a primary source of Ghostbusters prop plans – if you want to know about what new toys and comics are out there, or where the movie is showing, this is your place. BUT, this is not where fans are getting their plans from – for that, they tend to congregate at a variety of general prop building websites, and GBFans in particular. GBFans is not only a source of information on making your own Ghostbuster props, it’s a huge community of prop builders who share their experience and knowledge. As well, GBFans has a store, where a number of particular, fiddly bits that every good proton pack needs, can be purchased at a fair price.

So, there’s not much time before Halloween, so there’s not time like the present to check them out. And I encourage you, if you’re a fan of Ghostbusters (and who isn’t? Am I right? Amiright? Right! Right!) you should check out the other Ghostbusters sites featured in the side bar to the left.

Also, everybody need stickers! Get 35% off your Ghostbusters stickers at StickYou, until this Saturday. Use code: 35OFFJULY31

Who ya gonna call?

Big thanks to Chris for the heads up on CNNs error – I’ve sent a note, but whether I’m just shouting into a giant information whirlwind, I don’t know. Hopefully this post will help spread some of the attention around.

Back-To-School GB gear piles up for Fall

A host of gentlemen – thanks, Tim, John, Jonathan, Travis – sent in links to a variety of sweet Ghostbusters packs, including a glow-in-the-dark logo backpack, a way over the top Stay-Puft backpack, and a logo messenger bag.

Click for full size

Spencer’s has the glow-in-the dark pack (shown above – photo by ) – a recent online sale (at half off the regular $60) has it listed as out of stock, but some store still have it.

Hot Topic is selling this crazy vinyl Stay Puft backpack for $30. Not recommended to anyone over the age of 12, but it’s still pretty bad ass.

And finally, for the rest of us, Hot Topic has this slightly more grown-up (in as much as it has a giant Ghostbusters logo on it) messenger bag for $30.

And for those who haven’t seen it yet, 80s Tees is still taking pre-orders ($40) on BioWorld’s ultimate Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack – that’s not really what it’s called, but it should be.