Spilled Milk trailer hits YouTube

Can’t talk… rushing off to Germany. But before I go, you HAVE to check out the trailer that was just released for the GBNH / SLC GB cross-over film, Spilled Milk.

The Ghostbusters of New Hampshire grace the silver screen in their fan film debut this summer. Spilled Milk is a fifteen minute short film with top-notch effects that fully embrace the style of the 1984 timeless hit.

After an incident where the Ghostbusters find themselves responsible for the destruction of a sizable amount of public property, the team is coached back into shape by none other than Jon “Sketch” Rudy, a member of Salt Lake City’s Ghostbusters franchise. Spilled Milk is a franchise-uniting piece of comedy made for the fans, by the fans.

Keep an eye on http://www.GhostbustersNH.com and GBfans.com for updates on the final movie!

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