Vancouver signing wrap-up

I was pretty much out of commission all day Friday, having spent all of Wednesday night trying to figure out what to get Dan to sign, then heading down to meet him at his Breakfast TV interview, before heading downtown to line-up with a couple of hundred people – Ghostbusters fans, Blues Brothers fans, alcohol fans, general Dan fans – to meet the man himself. The affair was a brisk two hours, but Dan was gracious enough to chat with everyone, sign everything, and take photos with a smile. I got to meet a number of fans, some of whom came all the way over from Vancouver Island (or “Mystery Ape Island” as Monster Quest dubbed it. Idiots.) and there was a lot of excitement.

People will likely be most curious about anything he had to say about Ghostbusters 3 – I declined to ask, but CityTV had no problem bringing it up;

Not a lot new, but always encouraging to hear.

Taylor LaTour, PC reader and pal, was on hand to jostle with the accredited press, and judging from his 50+ pics, totally won (his Flickr set includes a couple of photos from the two of us… yes, that was it, just the two of us… standing outside CityTV, waiting for Dan. And it worked. Dan was totally gracious, taking a moment to shake our hands.)

And bonus marks went to Ryan Doell and co. for landing themselves into the daily paper the next day.

Don’t forget, if you’re in the Pacific NorthWest, Dan is hitting Seattle TODAY and Portland on Monday. And if you’re in California, Dan will be in Sacramento on the 29th, and San Deigo, and Van Nuys at the end of October.

For everyone at the signing, it was great to see you all there and I hope you all enjoy the PC ghost-die!

If you’re curious, Dan signed my good copy of Making Ghostbusters, my Japanese edition of the LP soundtrack, a copy of his Dad’s book (excellent read, by the way), the first edition of the DVD, and the no-titling incentive cover of Displaced Aggression, issue #1.

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