Ghostheads 19 is now online!

Have the holidays already got you down from the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Let Ghostheads get you back to normal! In this condensed episode Luke and Jason discuss things such as GB III rumors, and Geek retailers who carry GB merch. So head over to to listen to the latest ep and enjoy!

Ghostheads – Episode 19

“The franchise rights alone will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams!”

Opening – Minutes 0:46 – 1:47

Topics – Minutes 1:48 – 13:04

* GB III casting call
* H&M selling GB merch
* PKE Meter available Dec. 1st
* Arizona GB charity toy drive

Closing – Minutes 13:05 – 16:39

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Rat Fink / Ghostbusters wall-clock in early pre-production!

Paul E Francis is an experienced modeller and effects wizard – he’s also a Ghosthead and should be familiar with Ghotsbusters fans, as he worked with Steve Johnson on the Slimer statue that was released last year.

Now Paul is working on his own Ghostbusters licensed (yes indeed – as I understand it, this will be official) wall-clock, which is a fantastic mix of the classic, Hot-Rod stylings of Ed Roth and all things Ghostbusters – Slimer, the Ectomobile, and the No-ghost logo in the back.

Check out his work in progress photo album on Facebook and stay tuned for more info about the progress and availability (hopefully soon) of the piece!

Cross the Streams 10 goes live – NHGB and AGB interviewed!

On the November 2010 edition of Cross the Streams Radio Show, in this episode we take a look at the work that goes into fan films with New Hampshire Ghostbuster/Filmmaker, Kevin James and Alabama Ghostbuster/Filmmaker Adam Schwartz.

As always we hope everyone enjoys this episode, however, if you or your franchise would like to visit our show, or if you have any there are any questions you’d like answered, concerns of the show, comments both positive or negative about the show, feel free to email us at:

We would like to wish everyone a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!

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