Illinois! Dan Aykroyd signing in Bolingbrook on Friday!

If you live in or near Bolingbrook, Illinois, grab your pack and get ready to call in sick this Friday, December 17th – between 1 and 3PM, Dan Aykroyd will be signing at Binny’s Beverage Depot (639 E. Boughton Road.) Dan has never rushed a crowd, so it’s not unlikely it could go longer, but you don’t want to be the person that finds out the hard way and shows up late, right?

Of note are the new Crystal Head skull tumblers that were recently released. Be some of the first to get your hands on these extremely cool glasses.

GB Italia complete first fan film!

At this rate, we’ll have to organize a Ghostbusters film festival sooner or later. This entry to the field of fan films, from the gang at Ghostbusters Italia, takes things to a whole new level. Besides a sizable, twelve and a half minute video, with the prerequisite amount of props and effects, the production team used their connections to have the original Italian language dubbing actors (for both films AND the videogame) dub them! Strictly speaking, the actors didn’t need to be dubbed, as they speak Italian just fine… being Italian and all… but after having at least some, if not all (I can’t rightly remember right now) of the actors – Sergio Digiulio, Michele Gammino, Mario Cordova, Cristiana Lionello – appear at their Ghostbusters Day gathering this past Summer at guests of honor, they figured why not take full use of that access and make something special.

And don’t sweat it, it’s been subtitled into English. A bravo to the GB.IT crew for the film and props to GBFans for arranging to share the film online. Here’s hoping there will be more in the future.

Like it or not, here comes the Ghostbusters Midnight Movie.

Two years back, I suggested that for the right crowd of fans, Ghostbusters could be a fun midnight film, a la The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It went over well with most, and a vocal minority misunderstood, and thought I said we should kill Bill Murray, bury him, piss on his grave, while they were forced to watch. The comments were enlightening.

I dropped the matter at the time – I wasn’t intending to organize such an event. It was just a thought.

Turns out, some fans in the UK had a similar idea. And now, plans are afoot in New York as well.

The Minions of Gozer are looking to organize a midnight screening of Ghostbusters, complete with audience participation, sing-alongs, and a shadow cast.

If you’re in the New York and you’re interested in helping out, you can contact them at the link above or through their Facebook page.

Good luck to the minions. And to the haters… dudes. Have you seen the Spider-man musical…? It puts things in perspective.