Jack Rossi art show, featuring Ghostbusters inspired pieces

Jack Rossi, designer, artist, inventor of the Wii Proton Pack, and giant nerd (one of us!), recently opened a showing of his art at the Jones Gallery in Long Beach, California. Featured are a big selection of pieces, a number of which are inspired by Rossi’s favourite 80s films, including Ghostbusters. Check out his awesome skateboard deck and amazing Stay-Puft statue.

I’ve always thought about doing a Ghostbusters skatedeck, but still haven’t had a chance. Every time I see one this awesome, a part of me gets excited to give it a go, and another part figures, what’s the point, and dies. Thanks, Jack. Jerk.

The show runs until the 25th, at which point there will be a wrap party at the gallery, with Rossi in attendance, creating art live, and giving out special key-chains! If you’re in the greater LA area, you should go.

[VIA Big Zinky]

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